7 Chalkboard Paint Design Tips

chalkboard paint

Chalkboard paint is a fun and practical option when designing elements in a bedroom, kitchen, or even a business. This type of paint can provide a space where people can draw, be informed, or add a splash of color to a room with customized art. Let your imagination run wild while designing your room with chalkboard paint, and here are a few ideas to get you started.

Use Colored Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint can be tinted to one of 12 different colors. This is great for people who want to add a chalkboard surface to a room, but don’t want that standard slate gray color. Think about some of the colors that you may want to use in your other design elements.
TIP:Doityourself’s painting consultant Pam Estabrooke, of ProTect Painters, suggests, “Try this with wine glasses. Dip the bottom and about 2-inches of the stem of a wine glass in the paint. Have guests write their names on the base of the glass to avoid loosing it during a party.”

Create Chalkboard Picture Frames

A great way to add some personalized color to any room is to create small chalkboard picture frames. Using some scrap trim or molding, build a simple frame around a piece of good quality in the size of your choice. Stain the frame and then paint the plywood with chalkboard paint. This way you can draw on them and hang them on your wall. Guests can also join in the fun by drawing on them too.
TIP:Pam suggests, “The smoother the surface you paint, the better the result and coverage will be. Sometimes plywood is too porous. Consider using a good coat of primer, tinted dark gray, before applying the paint.”

Cover a Small Table

Another fun design element is to cover an existing table with some chalkboard paint. This provides not only an entertaining area where kids can draw and color, but also a hard surface for placing cups and other things.

Add Drawings to Toy Box

Kids need a place to store all their toys. If you have a toy box in a playroom or in the living room, this is another good place for chalkboard paint. Adding some small trim boards around the toy box will help frame in the chalkboard and give the drawings a much nicer presentation. Names, faces, letters, shapes, and other cool drawings can all be put on this new chalkboard toy box.

Use it as Border

For a unique look to any room, paint a 6-inch strip of chalkboard paint at the top of your wall. Instead of placing a border in this area, chalkboard paint will allow you to change the look of your border without having to repaint, re-stencil, or change the wallpaper. Simply draw a new design around the room.

Highlight Architectural Designs

A great way to use chalkboard paint is to highlight some unique architectural features of the inside of your home. Any beams, hidden cubicles, built-in shelves, or other features will all benefit from a nice design drawn around it.

Use as a Family Center

When there are several people in your family that are all involved in doing many different things, a message center will let everyone know where you are at a certain time. This is done very easily with chalkboard paint in the kitchen or entry foyer. Tape off the area you want covered in chalkboard paint. Paint the number of coats needed to get good coverage. Usually three is sufficient. Once the paint dries, remove the tape. It can be dressed up a bit more by framing it out with wood that is stained or painted to match the decor.
TIP: Pam says, “Recycle an old silver platter - Paint only the center of the platter. Leave the silver rim exposed. Drill or punch a small hole in the top center. Attach a pretty ribbon and bow and hang it from a door as a family message board.”
Look around your house and Think outside the box. Consider anywhere a touch of whimsy or of practicality will liven up a room. Recycle and reuse ordinary items. And think about using chalkboard paint for gifts.

Pam Estabrooke, district manager of ProTect Painters, contributed to this article.