7 Cheap and Easy Ways to Improve Your Home

An electrical outlet on a wall.

If you hear the phrase "home improvement" and groan, it's probably because you've improved your space in the past. Renovations, furniture, upgrades...it's true, home improvement can be very expensive. But it doesn't have to be. There are lots of cheap and easy ways to improve your home that don't require multiple trips to the hardwood store, taking out a special permit, or buying a whole new set of tools. Here are some ways to improve your home without spending a lot of time or money.

1. Replace Outlet Covers

Freshen up the look of your home everywhere by swapping out your light and outlet covers. These are very affordable at any home improvement store, and it takes just a minute or two to remove an old cover and put on a fresh one. You can find covers in a variety of colors and styles if you want to create a fancy look.

2. Update Your Front Door Area

The front door of the home is a big part of curb appeal. But it's cheaper than you think to upgrade this area of your house. It's not too difficult to swap out your light fixture -- many of them can be plugged right into an outdoor outlet designed just for that purpose. Slap a coat of paint on the front door very affordably; all you need is a gallon or two of paint and some painting supplies. Get new house numbers and a new mailbox while you're at it, and install these items yourself with a screwdriver. All in all, you'll spend less than $200 to give the entryway of your home a fresh, updated look.

3. Install Shelves

Put up corner shelves, add shelves to an existing nook or install floating shelv

Put up corner shelves, add shelves to an existing nook or install floating shelves on a wall with dead space, and give your home extra storage. Everyone needs extra storage, and shelves are inexpensive and easy to install. Can't find affordable shelves you like? Make your own will plywood. Just sand it and paint it to match your existing walls, or paint it in a contrast color to create a pop, and no one has to know it's just plywood shelving. With some pretty shelving brackets and paint, even plywood looks high-end.

4. Swap Out Hardware

Change out the hardware on your kitchen and bathroom cabinets on the cheap. New cabinet pulls and handles aren't expensive, and you can quickly install them yourself with a power drill. New hardware can give your existing cabinets a whole new look.

5. Paint Everything

Have old, outdated cabinets? Dirty-looking walls? Ancient, plain tiles? Paint it all! A coat of paint on walls, cabinets, furniture and even tile can create a fresh new look in any space, and the cost is pretty minimal. If you can't replace it, try painting it.

6. Add Molding

While molding against a blue wall with light wood flooring.

Adding crown molding to an entire room can be kind of costly, depending on the size of the room, but you can still add some detail to any space with molding around the windows. This will give your space more definition and some luxury appeal, and it looks amazing with minimal window treatments.

7. Reupholster Chairs

Re-cover your kitchen chairs to give them a fresh new look affordably. It's actually pretty easy to upholster chairs. Just pop the seat out of the chair frame and rip away the fabric and stuffing. Lay down new batting and place your fabric over the seat. Pull it as tight as you can, and use a staple gun to secure the fabric to the bottom of the seat. Just like that, and your kitchen chairs get a whole new look.

Home improvement doesn’t always have to be a big, expensive undertaking. Improve your home with cheap, easy DIY projects that can make a huge difference in your home’s overall look. Because you deserve to have a great home...even when you can’t spend a fortune.