7 Clawfoot Tub Plumbing Tips

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Clawfoot tub plumbing is not much different than installing a regular type of tub. Many people like the look of a clawfoot tub in their bathroom. This type of fixture adds some timelessness and luxury to your bathroom. They are deeper than normal tubs, and sit off the floor on elegant looking clawfoot legs. Outfitted with ornate fixtures and hardware, this type of tub transforms your ordinary bathroom into a luxurious getaway.

Plumbing Tips

Unlike a normal tub, there is no framework around the tub to hide the pipes. All of the plumbing is going to be exposed to view. Making sure that the plumbing is done right will help the installation to look much better. If you are installing a clawfoot tub, plumbing it in is made easier when you know a few tips to follow.

Install Pipes in Wall

The best place to install the plumbing pipes for the clawfoot tub is in the wall nearest where the fixtures will be located. It will not only give you be the best option for installation, but also ease of access to the pipes if there is a leak.

Measure Frequently

For the fixtures to align correctly, you need to take very accurate measurements of the height of the tub and where the fixtures will be located. These need to be transferred to the wall accurately also.

Align Drain Before Installing It

The best way to align the drain under the clawfoot tub is to position the tub and mark the location on the floor. Doing so will help you also see where the best position is for the supply lines and fixtures.

Apply Putty Under Rim

To keep leaks from happening in the drain of the tub, use some plumber's putty under the rim of the drain. Screw the bottom of the drain assembly underneath the tub, on site, until it sits flush with the tub itself.

Keep Supply Lines Straight

As you run the lines from the wall to the fixtures on the tub, it is important to make sure they are straight. There should not be any elbows in the this section if it can be avoided. If you want to hide the supply lines from view, bring them out low and then up towards the fixtures. Visually the clawfoot tub will appear uncluttered with plumping from certain angles.

Flexible Pipe

Another great option for clawfoot tub plumbing is to use flexible braided copper pipe to make the connections to the faucet assembly. By using this type of piping you have better control over how to run them to the tub fixtures. They are easier to work with and repair in the event of a leak. Use Teflon tape on all threaded connections from the water supply to the faucet assembly.