7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Installing a Towel Warmer

Towel warmer with two towels on it.

For the ultimate in comfort after your bath or shower, a towel warmer heats your towels to just the right temperature to help you dry off quickly and thoroughly. You can also use the towel warmer to dry your towels. Towel warmers need to be installed properly in a suitable location to work effectively. Learn from these tips about 7 common mistakes made when installing towel warmers and how to avoid them.

Installing the Towel Warmer on the Bathroom Door

The bathroom door is an unsuitable location for towel warmers, as they cannot be correctly hooked to the electrical power. Bathroom doors are often hollow and will provide inadequate support for the towel warmer. The bathroom door is often left wide open, pushing the towel warmer up against the wall. In this position, it can heat to excessive temperatures and start a fire.

Installing the Towel Warmer Behind the Bathroom Door

Do not install the towel warmer behind the door. It may be blocked by the open bathroom door for a good part of the day. It will cause the door to trap heat and reach high temperatures. This heat can damage towels and the towel warmer. It could also start an electrical fire.

Installing the Towel Warmer in a Shower Enclosure or Sauna

Electric tower warmers are rated water-resistant for occasional splashes of water and for exposure to dampness. They cannot tolerate the continuous splashing that occurs in a shower or the high steam levels in a sauna. There is a high possibility of electrocution from a towel warmer that is installed in the shower enclosure or sauna.

Installing the Towel Warmer on Drywall Only

Towel warmers and their electrical switch boxes must be supported on wall studs according to the installation directions. The towel warmer can reach high temperatures. If it should fall from the wall, it could cause severe burns. The unit and its electrical connections must be firmly secured to the wall studs.

Failing to Ground the Towel Warmer's Electrical Circuit

The towel warmer is an electrical device, which for safety must be properly grounded. Failing to provide ground wiring for the towel warmer could cause electrical shocks.

Installing the Towel Warmer Too Near the Floor

The bottom of the towel warmer should be located 36-inches from the floor to prevent leg and foot burns.

Installing the Towel Warmer Timer and Switch Too Near Water Sources

Do not install the towel warmer so its timer and switch will be splashed directly with water. Wetting the timer and towel warmer switch may cause it to short or start an electrical fire.

For the greatest safety and best performance, install your towel warmer on the center of the bathroom wall, across from the sink and at least 12-inches away from the shower enclosure. Place up to 6-towels on the towel warmer and let it run for at least 3 hours to thoroughly dry and warm the towels.