7 Dangers of Bloodroot

Bloodroot is a plant which is well known for its medicinal properties and has been used in herbal remedies for centuries. It has some very good properties including being anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and diuretic. The plant has been used to treat infections, cancer and coughing. There are however a number of reasons why you need to be careful when using bloodroot.

There are a few dangers and complications which can be caused by bloodroot. It's a plant which may be helpful sometimes, but must be treated with the utmost of caution. Bloodroot can also be dangerous to animals who may accidentally eat it.

1. Skin Irritation

Bloodroot can cause skin irritation if exposed to bare skin, this can have very negative effects. If the herb is administered in high doses on the skin then this can eat away at the flesh and even lead to disfigurement.

It's very important to avoid contact with bloodroot in order to stop yourself from suffering from skin irritation.

2. Cancer

Bloodroot contains Sanguinarine which is suspected of being a carcinogen. This was once used as an anti-bacterial ingredient included in many different brands of toothpastes. Some users are now suffering from leukoplakia and this can eventually become cancerous.

It's not known for sure whether or not the bloodroot plant can cause cancer, more research is required to find out whether or not this link is true.

3. Organ Failure

Various animal studies have focused on the effects and safety of bloodroot. Many of these studies have discovered that very high dosages of bloodroot herbs can cause liver failure, respiratory failure, cardiovascular episodes and even comas in rare cases.

4. Bleeding

If bloodroot is taken alongside any other anticoagulant or anti-platelet medications then this can prevent your blood from clotting properly. This can make bleeding and internal bleeding more likely which can be very dangerous.

5. Side Effects

Even when bloodroot is administered safely and in the right dosages there are some common side effects which you can experience. These side effects will include nausea, vomiting, vertigo, tiredness, and dizziness.

7. Dangerous to Animals

If you have any animals in your garden then bloodroot can also be very dangerous to them. If they eat the plant then they can experience many of the same problems that a human would experience when taking too much of the herb. Simply brushing up against the plants can cause some irritation.

It's much more dangerous if they eat the plants as this can cause serious side effects. In large amounts the bloodroot can cause liver failure and even induce a coma. Pets may not know what is or isn't safe to eat and if you allow any pets into your garden then you really need to get rid of blood root to fully protect them.

While bloodroot is a useful plant and it does have some fantsatic medical properties, it's important to treat it with caution. You should only take these medications if you consult your doctor or herbal specialist.