7 Different Hose Reel Types

A hose reel is used to coil and wind a particular type of hose in order to conveniently store it as well as protect the hose from kinks or punctures. This article will outline some of the different types of hose reels available.

Garden hose or water hose reels come in many designs and types; however the function of the hose reel is the same: to keep a water hose neat, tidy and out of the way as well as protect the hose from the elements and damage. Water hose reels come in several different types, such as stationary and portable.

Stationary Hose Reels

Stationary hose reels are the simplest type of garden hose or water hose reel and will usually include a crank to manually rewind a hose onto the reel. Although simple in design, stationary hose reels can be made from materials ranging from plastic to stainless steel which will affect the price.

Mobile or Portable Hose Reels

Mobile or portable hose reels are built and designed in a way that is similar to a hand truck or upright hand dolly. These types of hose reels usually have a manual crank to rewind the hose onto the reel, and can be pushed about on rubber wheels or heavy duty casters.

Hose Reel Carts

Hose reel carts are similar to mobile or portable hose reels in that they can be pushed around on wheels. However, hose reel carts are usually horizontal or table-like in design and often include shelves or storage compartments for quick connects or various types of water nozzles.

Hideaway Hose Reels

Hideaway hose reels can be freestanding or wall-mounted and usually involve some sort of boxlike design used to hide the garden or water hose. Many times, hideaway hose reels use a detachable hand crank that can be used to rewind a hose onto the reel and then quickly removed and stored away.

Decorative Hose Reels

Decorative hose reels are usually wall-mounted and use a manual hand crank to rewind the hose. Decorative hose reels come in many designs that are intended to match the exterior of your home or landscape. Decorative hose reels are usually intended more for lighter duty hoses and are used for appearance more than functionality.

Spring-Loaded Hose Reels

Spring-loaded hose reels come in many different designs and types and are designed to allow for quick retraction of water hoses using a spring-loaded retraction system. The spring-loaded mechanism allows for quicker hose rewinding and retraction, but also increases the price of the hose reel.

Air Hose Reels

Air hose reels can be portable, stationary or wall mounted and are used to coil or wind air hoses. Almost all air hose reels employ some sort of quick connect feature for hoses and power air tools. Air hose reels can generally be found in garages, gas stations and service centers that perform maintenance, repairs or service on automobiles, but can also be installed in a home workshop or garage for occasional air compressor use.