7 DIY Projects for a Long Weekend

A tray of paint with a paint roller in it on a floor covered with butcher paper.

Long weekends are great for travel and visiting with friends, but they're also an opportunity to complete those lingering projects around the house. With multiple days to focus on a task, you can accomplish a minor upgrade or a significant enhancement. Here are some DIY ideas for your next long weekend.

Note: Check the regulations in your area to see if you need a permit before beginning any home improvement project.

1. Give a Room a Facelift

If it’s time to freshen up a room in your home, get planning and collect supplies so that when the long weekend arrives, you have a blueprint in hand. Painting is always a quick and inexpensive way to improve the look and feel of a room. Alternately, consider wallpaper or tile. You can add soft furnishings such as new curtains, throw pillows, and an area rug to update the decor, too.

2. Update the Curb Appeal

A wheelbarrow on a lawn next to flower beds covered in shrubs and mulch.

Curb appeal is not only the look that greets your guests when they arrive at your house, but also the feeling you get when you come home each day. Boost up the outside of your home with some fresh flowers, a weed-free flower bed, new mulch, and trimmed bushes. Paint and install shutters around the windows of your home. Lay a brick or stone walkway for additional appeal.

3. Build a Fence

The weekend warrior can complete a fence given a few days of decent weather and the right tools. Enclose the yard with a wood privacy fence or use chicken wire to close off the garden. Remember to plan for gates and allow time to paint or stain before the project can be called done.

4. Install New Flooring

New flooring makes a huge impact on a space. Click-together laminate flooring installs quickly and is the perfect goal for a long weekend, even in a larger space. Just remember to add floor protectors to the bottom of furniture before hauling everything back into the room.

5. Prepare a Garden

wheelbarrow with mulch

Speaking of gardens, a long weekend will allow you to accomplish a lot in your plot of dirt. You can build that fence you've been needing, create a rock path, mulch, add a trellis or pergola, or get some plants into the ground.

6. Upgrade the Bathroom

You may not have time for a complete remodel, but you can make huge updates to a bathroom in a few days. Start with the flooring and install tile or laminate. Add a fresh coat of paint to the walls and upgrade the light fixtures in the space. If needed, replace the toilet since you will have it out to work on the flooring, anyway. Add a final touch by framing in that contractor-grade mirror.

7. Replace Kitchen Lighting

Every room can benefit from the right lighting—perhaps none more than the kitchen. Plan out your needs and install can lights or strip lighting to the ceiling. Create focused task lighting by adding lights beneath the cabinets and put in some pendant lights above the bar or island for visual appeal as well as function.

Caution: Always ensure the power source is turned off when working with electricity.