7 Easy Airless Spray Painting Projects

Airless spray painting is a terrific way to make your painting projects easier. Here are some tips to get you started

  • Airless spray painters work much better than a brush or roller on uneven surfaces. They also save time and make it easy to give your home a fresh current style.
  • Airless sprayers do require some set up and clean up time so it is best to do several items at once.
  • As with all painting projects be sure to prepare the surface well and pick a suitable paint for the job.
  • Cover anything you don’t want to paint on or paint outside on a windless day.
  • Protect yourself as well by wearing clothing to cover your body, eyeglasses and a respirator. Work in a ventilated area. Finally, never get your hands in front of the sprayer as it is under pressure.
  • A small sprayer is a good choice for most of the projects that follow.

Restore Outdoor Furniture

Take that old worn patio furniture and make it new. Some sandpaper and paint can transform them into something you can be proud of at your summer barbeques. There are even paints for plastic available.

Protect Your Fence

If your fence could use a new coat of sealer an airless sprayer will make it a much faster process. Get a sealant that will work with the sprayer. Work on a still day to minimize overspray.

Renovate a Lamp

Turn an ugly-duckling lamp into a swan. A lamp with a great shape can be painted to match your décor by changing the color. You can even choose paint with a texture or metallic sheen. This works best on lamps with a matte finish. Be sure to prepare the surface before painting.

Make Furniture Fun in a Children’s Room

A dresser from the storage, a beside table from the guest room and a thrift store headboard can be turned into a bedroom suite for a child with paint. Aim for similar styles but they don’t need to match exactly. White is a classic color but a bright color can liven up a kid’s room. Remove the drawers before painting and consider updating the hardware.

Update Your Light Fixtures

The shiny brass so popular a couple of decades ago can make your light fixtures look outdated. Before you invest in new fixtures consider renewing them with paint. A new bronze or nickel finish is an easy way to make them more modern and save money.

Unify Picture Frames

Taking wood frames and painting them to match gives them a cohesive look. For instance if you paint them black and use white matting to frame black and white pictures you will have a stylish contemporary look. Or update the old gold frames you already with a smarter silver finish.

Renew Wicker Furniture

Wicker is versatile and works inside or out. But wicker is notoriously difficult to paint. Remove any loose fibers before beginning. It may take a few coats as wicker absorbs the paint. White is classic but black or dark brown can bring it up-to-the-minute.

A few hours and some paint are all it takes to revitalize your home’s style.