7 Game Changing Pantry Organization Products on Amazon

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Ready to organize your pantry the easy way? Head to Amazon and fill your cart with these organization savers.

Drop Your Drawers

The Item: Amazon Basics 2-Tier Sliding Drawers Basket Storage Organizer, Silver

If you've got really tall pantry shelves, you may not be using your space in the best way possible. Adding these sliding drawers to your pantry is the easy alternative to ripping out your shelves and completely re-installing them closer together. These easy sliding drawers can tuck into a pantry shelf, in a cupboard, or on the bottom floor of your pantry and can hold any number of kitchen essentials.

The Can Can

can rack on counter

The Item: SimpleHouseware Stackable Can Rack Organizer, White

Cans are one of the most difficult parts of pantry organization. Because they are all the same size, it's hard to see what you have tucked all the way at the back of the pantry. A simple can organizer like this one is a great way to elevate your cans, keep everything in sight, and not break the bank. This organizer comes in several colors, so you can pick something that matches your pantry and give it that polished look.

Rock and Roll

clear bins for holding bottles and cans

The Item: Set Of 4 Refrigerator Organizer Bins Plastic Fridge Water Bottle Storage Dispenser, Pop Soda Can and Drink Holder for Pantry Kitchen Cabinets and Freezer, BPA Free, Clear

If you hate your soda cans and Gatorade bottles rocking and rolling right off your shelves, these handy bins are for you. Whether you use them in your fridge or pantry, it's convenient to have these soda stackers to keep everything nice and organized. We have some in our fridge, and we always get comments on them when people go for a drink. They're a crowd favorite.

Bin Good, Tidier Than Ever

snacks in clear plastic bins

The Item: YIHONG Food Packet Organizer Bins for Pantry Organization, 4 Pack Plastic Clear Storage Bins for Storing Seasoning Packets, Spices, Sauce Packets, Snacks, with 2 Removable Dividers

These organizers are the epitome of what works well when it comes to pantry organization. Clear containers are perfect because they allow you to see exactly what is being stored. That way, nothing gets lost and shows up gross and moldy six months later.

If you need help figuring out how to use these bins in your pantry, start here.

Spice Girl

spice rack on counter

The Item: EZOWare 2-Tier Standing Spice Herb Seasoning Rack, Jars Bottles Cans Storage Organizer Holder Shelf for Kitchen Pantry Bathroom Countertop

If you're like us, you've got tons and tons of spices, and you spend a whole lot of time digging through the spice shelf to find what you're looking for. Enter the spice rack. This simple spice rack doesn't seem fancy, but it doesn't need to be. By giving your spices a two-tier playing field, it's a lot easier to spot the spice you're looking for.

For under twenty dollars, you can never scream "where's the salt?!" again!

Put a Lid on It

pot lids in a supportive kitchen rack

The Item: YouCopia StoreMore Adjustable Pot Lid Organizer, Standard

Close to fifteen thousand positive reviews are here to tell you that this is the pot and pan lid organizer that you have been looking for. No one likes taking a twenty-minute trek to look for the right lid mid-dinner, and this organizer solves that problem instantly. Storing your lids like this also keeps your pots and pans from getting scratched up, which is a major bonus.

Take Your Turn

lazy susan

The Item: YouCopia Crazy Susan Kitchen Cabinet Turntable and Snack Organizer with Bins

Like a carnival ride for your snacks, this turntable is a staple for organized pantries. Keep all of your favorite snacks on easy access with this little lazy susan. The bins individually remove, so keeping the organizer clean is easy. We've also seen these handy organizers in the fridge, so double up on your order, so your pantry isn't the only one getting the organization love.

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