7 Hot Tub Gazebo Design Ideas

Designing a hot tub gazebo is really a matter of accepting a design that is already proven and available or creating something totally unique. Unique gazebos can be created by a mix and match process—using bits of ideas from different designs.

1. The Overall Shape

Will you settle for a simple rectangular gazebo or would you rather have an octagonal one? A circular gazebo could be a bit of a challenge as could an L-shaped gazebo.

2. The Hot Tub

The position of the hot tub gives you some of the variables. Is the hot tub going to be central in the gazebo or will it be at one end? The hot tub can be set in the floor or would you rather have it set so that you climb into it? What size of hot tub will you have? Will the hot tub have an entertainment system for while you are soaking? While the gazebo will be the hot tub enclosure, will there be a further enclosure inside the gazebo so that the hot tub retains a level of privacy?

3. The Internal Decoration

There are so many ways to decorate a gazebo but the most important aspect is probably the floor. Will you have a tiled floor or a tongue and grooved wooden floor? Will the floor immediately adjacent to the hot tub be of a different finish to the rest of the floor? If the gazebo has walls, will the floor design be incorporated in the walls or will they contrast?

4. Internal Features

Will the gazebo be strictly for the hot tub or will the hot tub simply be one of the facilities available. Will the gazebo have extra space for small parties? If the gazebo will accommodate small parties will it also have cooking facilities and a music or video center?

5. Roof

What style of roof will you have? You could have a traditional roof with wooden shingles or maybe a two or three tiered pagoda style roof. A conical roof might look interesting as might a shallow pitch roof with crenellations. The material of the roof could also be as varied as the materials available for any other part of the gazebo. What about a green roof?

6. Walls

Will your gazebo have walls? If it has walls will they be solid or will they contain windows? If the walls have windows, will they be clear glazed or frosted? Will the windows open and close? Will the walls be mobile? Could you slide a wall out of the way to open up one side of the gazebo (the side away from the wind)?

7. Access

Will you build a footpath to the gazebo or will it be built next to the house? Maybe you would prefer to install a system of stepping stones instead of a foot path?   

This is just a selection of possible alternatives at a very basic level. When you think about all the facilities that are available and the different uses a gazebo with a hot tub can be put to, the design possibilities would appear to be infinite.