7 In-Home Fresco Painting Design Tips

Fresco painting is a form of decorative painting that can capture a complete thought, idea, or story along a wall in your home. This type of painting has been done for thousands of years, becoming especially popular in ancient Rome. The Romans wanted a way to add some creativity and color to their walls, so they started working with the fresco painting technique. What is really a drawing that has been transferred to the wall, you are only limited as far as your imagination can go with your own fresco design. Here are a few tips to help you get started with your own fresco painting.

Plan Ahead

Before you put paint to wall for your new fresco mural you should take some time to plan out what the entire painting will look like. Fresco painting is a little different than what a normal mural is going to be as you transfer the picture from another drawing. Frescos is also a fantastic way to tell a story or just explain an idea through picture. Sit down and draw out the entire wall so you can see what it will look like. While you can certainly use a single color for your fresco painting it is much better to paint pictures.

Clean Wall Surface

Using a sponge with some warm water and cleaning solution to remove any dirt and debris from the wall, ceiling, cabinet, or other area that you want to put your fresco painting.

Add Drywall Compound for Texture

Some people want to have a little bit of texture in certain areas of their fresco painting. If you have planned out your painting ahead of time you will know where to place the compound for the best results.

Use Two Coats Off White Paint

Before you start to apply the drawing for you fresco painting you will need to apply two coats of an off white paint. This will give great depth to the overall look of your painting, even on the flat surfaces.

Use Tracing Wheel for Transfer

When you get ready to place your drawing onto the wall, this is made much easier by using a tracing wheel. This will place an indent onto the tracing paper to make it easier for the pounce bag and the charcoal outline.

Use Charcoal for Outline

You can simply draw your design onto the wall, but to give it an authentic tough use a pounce bag with charcoal dust in it. Hold up your tracing to the wall and tap out some of the charcoal dust onto it. By doing this, it will adhere to the wall and provide a great outline of your drawing.

Mix Paint with Water

Start applying the different colors by mixing the colors with a little bit of water. Use a fine tipped brush to color in the outlines of your fresco painting and then give it a little bit of a smudge with a sponge. As you continue to paint your fresco you can give it a real appeal by combining the outlines with a smudge affect. Work in small areas at a time and continue on until you complete the entire fresco.