7 Jointer Planer Safety Tips to Consider

Using a jointer planer in a woodworking shop is both a luxury and a necessity. Many smaller hobby shops may not have the luxury of having a jointer planer, but wish that they did. The jointer is a great power tool that cuts off the uneven material on the edges of the lumber. After you have run it through the jointer, you will have perfectly straight edges for making tabletops, custom cabinets and other woodworking projects. Using a jointer planer does require paying attention to some safety tips.

1 - Use Goggles and Ear Plugs

Whenever you are working around any type of power tool you should wear safety goggles and ear plugs. You never know when a piece of wood will randomly fly up and into your eyes. Protect yourself by wearing these before you turn on the machine.

2 - Use Push Block

Much like operating a table saw, the jointer has an exposed cutting blade that moves at a very rapid rate of speed. As you feed the material through the jointer planer you should always use a push block in case the piece of wood kicksback. 

3 - Watch Size of Wood

A jointer is a great tool to use to make sure that the edges of the wood are straight. However, when you use a piece of wood that is not long enough to run through the jointer safely, you should use a block plane. Anything that is less than 10 to 12 inches should not use used through a jointer.

4 - Keep Wood against Fence

Some people try to run the wood through the jointer without the use of a fence. This is a dangerous operation that can easily result in an injury, or at the least, damaging the wood. The fence is there to keep the wood straight so you can move the wood through the blade with little effort. 

5 - Make Sure Cutter Guard is Attached

The cutting head guard is a piece that will protect your hand from coming into contact with the blades as they are spinning. A lot of people remove this because they want to have better access to the blades for a quicker sharpening and replacement. Before turning on your jointer planer you should make sure that the cutter guard is attached.

6 - Never Put Hand Over Cutter Blades

As you are pushing the wood through the jointer cutter blades you should use both hands on both sides of the wood. Use your left hand, with the help of a push block, to move the piece through the blades. After about 10 inches of wood has gone through the cutters you should then use your right hand to keep it against the fence. When there is about 10 inches left of the wood to go through the cutters, you shift your body weight over to the right side and begin using the right hand to continue easing the wood through the cutters. Remove the left hand, along with push block, so that it does not come to rest over the cutters.

7 - Remove all Obstacles

When operating your jointer planer machine you should make sure that the floor is free from any obstacles. You should be able to stand upright and without working around boxes, tools, or anything else on the floor.