7 Kinds of Multifunctional Furniture

person unfolding collapsable table

Whether you have a small space or a mega-mansion, multifunctional and foldable furniture are both worth considering. These furniture pieces can save space and open up a number of uses for your home. Here are just a few items to consider.

1. Wall Beds

A wall bed, also known as a Murphy bed, is often seen in tiny studio apartments and home offices. These beds, as their name suggests, fold up into a wall when they are not in use. When they are needed, you simply pull them down and have a full-sized bed. Wall beds come in many sizes from full to queen to king.

In a small apartment, this essentially doubles your living space by making it so that you can still have a large bed, but also have a large floor space when the bed is not in use. Some wall beds, when in the up position, can actually have a desk component to them. This can be used as a desk or a table, making it great for a variety of uses.

The reasons you may want a wall bed in an office are very similar. A wall bed can give you a great guest space when you need it, but allow you to keep the space as an office the rest of the time.

2. Sofa Beds

A sofa bed has similar benefits. Also like wall beds, these can be purchased in a variety of sizes. Instead of needing both a bed and a sofa, you can use one item for both. Again, these are great for small apartments or for office/guest bedroom combo spaces.

Unlike a wall bed, a sofa bed gives you a sofa to sit on. If your space is really small, however, it doesn't help create extra empty space when not in use the way a wall bed does by being totally off the ground.

3. Storage Ottomans

blue and purple storage ottoman with open top

You could also consider purchasing a storage ottoman. These pieces of furniture look just like a regular ottoman you would put next to a couch or chair, but can be lifted up to reveal storage space underneath.

These are great for things like pillows or blankets you want near your furniture but do not have another place to store. Storage ottomans can be purchased online but building one is actually a DIY project you may be able to do yourself.

4. Transforming Tables

There are a lot of options on the market now for tables with multiple uses. For example, there are coffee tables that can rise up to become dining tables. There are also small dining tables out there which you can add leaves to in order to increase the size of the table and the number of people who can comfortably sit at the table.

This is a great option because having one table will take up less space than having several tables. It will also allow you to pick one primary use, but use the other possible uses as needed, such as using the extra leaves in the table when having a dinner party.

5. Side Tables

Side tables are incredibly versatile. They can actually be used to place your food on and act as a TV dinner tray of sorts. They can also be used as a coffee table replacement. Side tables, especially slightly taller ones, are also a great option to use as a makeshift desk where you can place your laptop.

Thinking outside the box, side tables can also be used as nightstands or a place to put plants and other decor items.

6. Folding Chairs

foldable wood chair with pillow and plants

Folding chairs are a great option because they can be tucked away or stored when not in use. But creative DIYers can find other uses for them as well. For example, they can be hung on the wall in an unfolded position to become additional storage.

7. Bookcases

Bookcases can be used to store so much more than just books. They can also be used to display knick-knacks from your travels and art. Some can also be turned sideways and used as a TV stand.

If storage space is a big issue in your home, consider adding doors to the bookcase and using it to store overflow items.