6 Motorcycle Engine Maintenance Tips

A motorcycle.

The proper maintenance of a motorcycle engine is the key to how long a motorcycle will last. Keeping a record of all the manufacturer's maintenance recommendations will keep you from guessing when work was done to your motorcycle and what was done. Following the manufacturer's maintenance schedule for your motorcycle will ensure it remains mechanically sound and improves performance. Here are tips that will help keep your motorcycle in good running condition.

1. Motorcycle Engine Oil

Change the engine oil at intervals of every six months or 3,000 miles. The primary function of motorcycle engine oil is to act as a lubricant. The oil also helps to reduce engine noise, keep other parts of your engine cool, and is a seal for pistons. The oil must be of good consistency so that it may function properly. The oil can't be so thick that it can't properly get in between the tight moving parts of your engine for lubrication. At the same time, the oil can't be so thin that it can't separate the parts. The type of engine oil you use in your motorcycle is as important as the frequency at which it is changed.

2. Motorcycle Fuel

The type of fuel that you put in your motorcycle is vital to the way it operates. Because of certain engine malfunctions, it is sometimes required that you use a higher grade fuel. Keep in mind that using a higher grade fuel for the sake of performance increase is not worth the effort. Performance and longevity are not increased because of the octane increase. Only use the grade of fuel that the manufacturer recommends.

3. Motorcycle Fluids

Changing your motorcycle fluids by the manufacturer's guidelines is very important, especially when your motorcycle is still under warranty. Using the wrong fluid, such as automobile oil instead of the recommended oil for your type of motorcycle, could void your warranty. Manufacturer's replacement fluids can be purchased from your local dealership.

4. Motorcycle Chain

Visually inspect your chain twice a month or every 500 to 700 miles if you are not a frequent rider. Your chain's function is to transfer power from the engine to the rear wheel. The chain will need to be cleaned and adjusted depending upon your riding habits to maintain safe operation. A defective chain can cause serious malfunction to your motorcycle and even injury to you as a rider.

5. Motorcycle Spark Plugs

Your spark plugs are essential to your motorcycle's overall performance. It is important that before you remove the spark plugs, use a can of compressed air to blow in the hole that houses the plug. This will remove any dirt and debris from the hole so that nothing falls into the engine when the plug is removed.

6. Motorcycle Air Filter

If the air filter on your motorcycle is clogged from dirt and dust, your motorcycle will not be able to breathe properly. This will cause a loss of power and sub-standard performance from your motorcycle. Physically remove the air filter and inspect it for any clogging. If the filter is in bad repair, replace the filter at your earliest convenience to prevent other maintenance issues.