7 Must Have RV Accessories

If you have just purchased your first RV or are upgrading your existing model, consider adding RV accessories as a means of upgrading your living experience while on the road. Many appliance manufacturers are designing product models especially for RV use. They are scaled to fit in narrow spaces while providing the same functionality. Here are 7 such appliances.

1: Washer and Dryer

RV travel used to require multiple trips to coin-operating laundry facilities. That is just not the case anymore. Many brand name appliances make units small and compact enough to fit in the narrow spaces of an RV. If you are having trouble finding a washer and dryer designed for an RV, take a look at those designed for motor homes. They will do just the same! Enjoy clean laundry, fresh from your mobile RV home any day of the week!

2: Microwave

Quick, no-fuss meals are so important when you travel. Being able to cook in a microwave solves that problem. Many space-saving microwaves and under-cabinet mount microwaves are available to fit in an RV.

3: Portable Freezer

If you purchase food in bulk for long trips or travel with a large family, you know how important it is to be able to throw a bag of meat in the freezer for an upcoming meal. A portable freezer can spare you many inconvenient trips to grocery stores in unfamiliar areas. A portable freezer in your RV provides you with a little extra room to store food for extended trips.

4: Coffee Pot

Need a pick me up? Try a hot cup of coffee made fresh in your RV. This must-have RV accessory comes in a full range of shapes, sizes and functionality. A one-cup model will save on the mess of cleaning the coffee pot later on!

5: Satellite Dish Hookup

Most of us can live without TV for short trips but for cross-country excursions or during a downpour a while, TV is a welcome intrusion, especially for sports enthusiasts. By adding a satellite dish hookup you can receive home-quality television signals wherever you may travel!

6: GPS Navigation System

Trying to read a large map when traveling is quickly becoming a thing of the past. When you're on a road trip that takes you to new locations every few days, a GPS navigation system is well worth the investment.

7: Bike Mounts

Bicycles are a great way to explore new areas from the ground. A bike mount on your RV allows you park your RV and leave it there, while still having transportation and recreation. Take your bikes wherever you go.