7 of the Best Smart Appliances in 2021

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The Internet of Things (IoT) grows every year, offering us increased automation to manage and improve our home experiences. This technology promises more efficient use of our resources and more control of our surroundings, including temperature regulation, lighting, locks, and plenty of other areas. While the journey to home automation is gradual, the introduction of new, unique, and advanced devices to the chain each year brings us closer and closer to the dream of the smart home.

Here's a preview of some of the best smart home appliances 2021 has brought us so far, along with links to check them out on Amazon.

1. LG Smart Refrigerators with Instaview

hand next to window of see through fridge

The LG Smart Refrigerator with Instaview presents numerous unique features to improve your home experience. A double knock on the panel will give you a perfect glimpse of the contents inside the refrigerator. The sensors light up the inside of the system, allowing you to peer through without ever opening the door. This maintains the cool within, allowing the food to stay fresher for longer.

The system is also smart-enabled, meaning you can connect it to Amazon's Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control. You can also connect it to the SmartThinQ app to get direct notifications. For instance, you will know when the water filters require replacement, whether the door is not closed correctly, and generally if and when the system requires maintenance.

2. Arlo Pro 4 Cameras

three sleek home cameras

The Arlo Pro 4 is one of the best smart home camera devices. Once installed, its advanced features enable it to capture and relay real-time motion-triggered video while casting a bright light on whatever is moving within your premises. It provides a safe way to monitor your compound and relays whatever it sees in high-resolution video.

Arlo cameras are WiFi-enabled, integrable with digital assistants, and able to send notifications. They also provide color night vision with accurate and intelligent motion detection features that ensure your homestead is secured 24/7. Some may require a hub and wiring, which can make installation somewhat tricky, but once you get the system up and running it's a snap to maintain.

3. Wyze Plugs

Wyze smart plug plugged into outlet

While numerous other smart plugs in the market exist, the Wyze Plug couples affordability and efficiency to edge its competitors. It will power any devices you'd like to control with smart tech, allowing you to do things like set on and off time for lights, for example.

Setup is simple, and Wyze Plugs integrate with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. While there are no side USB ports for additional charging, its voice command system has a wide range of functionality.

4. Google Nest WiFi Points

curved white Google wifi nest points

The use of smart devices in your homestead is not complete without steady connectivity to the internet. That's how the Google Nest WiFi comes in-hitting where others conspicuously missed. The device has been tailored to ensure a solid and steady supply of the internet signal within the homestead. In addition, its robust bandwidth makes it ideal for larger homes. With enough points around your house, you'll never lose connection as you move around interacting with your smart devices.

These WiFi hubs can power Google home speakers, which offer music, information, and other ways to control various connected devices (like TVs) with voice control.

5. Sonos One Speakers

black Sonos speaker

Sonos One understands that picking a preferred voice assistant between Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa can impair your search for a perfect audio device. For this reason, Sonos One comes pre-integrated with both voice assistants giving you the liberty to work with either. It also connects with other Sonos audio devices such as Move, Beam, and Arc to offer superior sound quality.

6. Ecobee Smart Voice Control Thermostats

smart home thermostat

The Ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control comes with more features and offers a more superior experience than its predecessors. It has been integrated with Amazon's voice assistant Alexa and supports the multimedia function. It is also fitted with dual-band WiFi with a fantastic user interface. In addition, its straightforward installation process coupled with third-party support capabilities puts it head and shoulder above its peers in the same price range.

7. Samsung SmartThings

white square Samsung smart device

When you start accumulating smart devices, managing them all without a coordinated approach can quickly become frustrating and overwhelming. The Samsung SmartThings has been developed to provide central control for all your smart devices. While it is yet to incorporate all the domestic smart devices within the market, it integrates with most, giving it a competitive edge against peers.

SmartThings have a built-in WiFi system hence eliminating the need to connect it to your home router. Furthermore, it integrates with other smart devices in the vicinity using the companion app, enabling you to perform a series of tasks and automation from a single device.

The above-identified smart home appliances have been picked based on merit from peer comparison. Each device is compared to similar appliances in the market using standard parameters such as voice assistant compatibility, pricing, and ease of setup. The listed appliances proved worthwhile across the metrics.

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