7 Parts to Know Before Beginning Garage Door Installation

Before you begin a project like garage door installation it is good to know what parts exactly make up a properly functioning garage door. Knowing the purpose and function of a part will not only help in the installation process, but can also provide a better understanding of the unit as a whole in case of repairs down the road.

Torsion Spring

A coiled spring that is the force behind pulling the garage door up and down.

Cable Drum

An oiled sprocket that the torsion spring runs through on both ends of the garage door. 

Bearing Plate

A piece of sturdy metal that the cable drum fits onto to stabilize the tension of the garage door going up and down.

Lift Bracket

The grooved sheets of metal that is molded like a track on either side that the garage door will run up and down on.


Small wheels connected to the garage door that fit in the track of the lift bracket. This allows the door to function smoothly when opening and closing.

Top Roller Carrier

The top most roller on each side that has more weight. This is the guiding roller to the series of rollers.


Placed at every section where the door will need to bend. There are commonly 5 running horizontally at each section and 4 vertical.