7 Small Bathroom Design Ideas

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If you aren't working with a lot of space, a small bathroom design can be done with simple ideas that won't break the bank. Just because your bathroom is small doesn't mean that you can't have all the necessities. Here are a few ideas that can help you make your small bathroom appear larger than it is.

Add Shelving

Storage space becomes a big issue in a small bathroom. Depending upon the type sink you have in your bathroom, such as a pedestal, your storage space is extremely limited. Adding shelving to one of your walls is advantageous. You will be able to store towels on the shelves which will enable you to add more color to brighten up your space.

Consider the Wall Color

If the walls of your bathroom are painted with a dark color such as maroon, you should consider choosing a lighter shade to create the appearance of a larger space. Dark colors create the feeling of the walls closing in. Lighter colors give the space a feeling of openness. Off white paint is an ideal choice for a smaller bathroom.

Light Colored Flooring

Just as with the color of your walls, the color of your floor also plays a significant role in the appearance of space. A light colored tile will also give your bathroom a wide open feel. Choose from colors such as light blue, tan, or gray to accent your bathroom. Incorporating these colors in conjunction with your walls will take care of the closed in feeling.

Pedestal Sinks

If you have a large countertop sink in your bathroom and storage space is not an issue, adding a pedestal sink will be ideal to create more space in your bathroom. Because of the availability of finishes and designs of pedestal sinks, finding a unit to match your bathroom decor will be easy.

Reduce Clutter

Sometimes a bathroom appears smaller than it actually is because of the amount of items that are present. Removing items that can be placed elsewhere will open up more space in your bathroom. Hampers, excessive storage shelves, and decorative items can be removed.

Consider Adding More Lighting

Your bathroom's lighting has much to do with the overall small feeling of the bathroom. If you have a single fixture above your sink, replacing it with multiple light bulb sockets will help with your electrical lighting. For natural lighting, allowing more light in by using lighter colored curtains will help brighten the space up as well. If your bathroom has no window, consider installing a skylight.


Adding mirrors to your bathroom is a great visual trick to make the space appear larger. 2 mirrors will reflect the light in the bathroom, creating a larger appearance.