7 Steps to Upgrading Your RV Generator

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  • 4-10 hours
  • Advanced
  • 3600-750
What You'll Need
Power cord
Transfer switch
Breaker panel
Heavier wiring

Are you looking to have a little more power in your RV rig? Are you trying to run several different appliances at the same time and every time you try to run these appliances, you blow a circuit or a fuse? This is usually due to the fact that you are running a low amp generator that is not sufficient enough for your lifestyle and electronic needs. All hope is not lost, however. Follow these simple steps and you will easily upgrade your amperage service.

Step 1 - Pull out Electrical Wiring Diagrams

Unless you are already familiar with how electrical wiring works, you will need to purchase or find the diagrams of your RV and pull out a manual that details how electrical wiring works in an RV. This will get you familiarized with how to go about upgrading your RV low amp Generator

Step 2 - Purchase a New Power Cord

If your RV rig currently supplies only 30 amps as part of the generator system, and if you, for example, are looking to upgrade to 50 amps, the first place you will have to look is your power cord. Power cords are rated for a specific amperage. You will not be able to use the cord from the lower amperage for the higher amp generator. Take a trip to your local home improvement center or to your local automotive parts center and purchase the right sized cord.

Step 3 - Install a New Transfer Switch

Install a new transfer switch. The transfer switch will help you transfer and upgrade the service from a lower amp service to a higher amp service.

Step 4 - Install a New Breaker Panel

Unless your breaker panel is a newer type of panel, you will need to install a panel that can handle the new amperage that will be generated for your RV. Remove the old panel and install the new one. Refer to your manual and instructions for your RV on how to best replace the breaker panel.

Step 5 - Upgrade the Wiring and Connect it

As with any upgrade, you will need to address the sizing of your wiring. The wiring is responsible for carrying the correct amperage from the circuit breaker panel out to the shore cord. You will need to connect the new wiring from the transfer switch out to your breaker panel.

Step 6 - Check the Amp Generator Adapter

Make sure you check your generator adapter. It must be able to handle the upgrade in the amperage. If it does not handle the upgrade in your amperage, then you will either need to upgrade the generator or purchase a new generator that can handle the upgrade.

Step 7 - Test

Test the new amperage capabilities in your RV. Turn on the appliances that you would normally use in tandem and see if they perform adequately with your newly installed and upgraded RV Generator