7 Surprising Uses for Appliances

fondue pot deep frying meat

Your most common household appliances may have uses that surprise you (and make your life a little easier). As always, safety first when it comes to trying out something new. Messing around with appliances can be dangerous to you and your home, so always be cautious and don't try everything you see on the internet.

Tea Kettle Boiling

Your tea kettle keeps water boiling and helps you brew the perfect cup of tea. But what if it could also hard boil eggs for you or cook up your favorite packet of ramen noodles? Stove-top tea kettles can be used like any other stove-top pot so, in a pinch, you can use your kettle to help you cook.

Make sure to clean your kettle after you cook with it and sanitize the entire thing if you use it to boil chicken or eggs.

Dryer De-Wrinkling

wrinkled blue dress shirt

Your dryer dries your clothes after they get washed, but what if your dryer could iron your clothes for you after they get wrinkled? Okay, we know, we know—your dryer isn't going to grow arms and wield an iron, but it does work as a great way to de-wrinkle clothing.

Just dampen the clothing and throw it in the dryer for about five to ten minutes. when you open the door you'll have a nice, wrinkle-free item of clothing.

Blender Baking

When you think of blenders you probably think of smoothies or light veggie prep, but your blender can churn out a whole lot more than that.

Using the right attachments, you can make cookie dough and pie crust in your blender or soups and your own baby food. For people who use nut milk or oat flour, your blender can also help you create those tasty foods.

Gone are the days when your blender was beverage-only.

Blow Dryer Sticker Removal

If you've got a super sticky sticker that just doesn't want to give up its spot on the outside of your new this or that, go for the blow dryer. Using the heat setting of the blowdryer, slowly begin to heat the sticker. Once the sticker seems warm all the way around, slowly begin peeling off.

It may take a few tries to get the sticker fully removed but the added heat from the hairdryer will help loosen the adhesive on the sticker back. A pair of tweezers will also come in handy on this sticker extraction mission.

Fondue Pot Cooking

fondue pot with melted cheese and bread

Fondue pots are used to keep cheese and chocolate warm as you dip away and enjoy a tasty treat but we like using fondue pots for much more than that.

Anything that benefits from staying warm while being eaten is a great candidate for the fondue pot. We keep bean dip and buffalo dip in our fondue pot so it stays nice and warm while we eat.

You can also use your fondue pot to deep fry foods or cook meat hot-pot style.

Pizza Cutter Chopping

We use our pizza cutter to cut pizza...and herbs, and homemade pasta, and quesadillas, and sometimes even celery. If your knife skills make you nervous in the kitchen, or you just need something a little more efficient to get the chop job done, reach for the pizza cutter.

Rice Cooker Steaming

steaming hot spa towel in dish

Use your rice cooker to warm damp towels for a spa day. It's a fun, relaxing way to pamper yourself. Using the steamer setting on the cooker, warm up your favorite face towels or washcloths.

You can also skip the spa and head straight for breakfast because your rice cooker is a great way to cook Steel-cut oats. Steel-cut oats can be tough to cook well on the stove, but your rice cooker does a great job of cooking these healthy grains up perfectly every time.

Next time you need a job done, take a look around your kitchen and see what your appliances can do for you.