7 Time-saving Items for Your Foyer

A front door open to a white entryway.

A well organized entryway is an important element in any home for a number of reasons. Not only will a carefully arranged foyer help prevent the buildup of clutter inside your home, but it can save you precious time in the mornings by keeping everything you need for the day in one central location. With that in mind, here are a few great time-saving items every entryway should include.

1. Key Hooks

keys hanging on hooks

A set of key hooks should be one of the center pieces in any entry way. Knowing exactly where your keys are located will keep you from having to hunt them down every time you have to run an errand or leave for work, which can easily translate to time savings. With so many options available, finding a key rack that fits into existing decor should not be an issue. If you don't have room for a rack, then consider using a small dish or bowl to drop keys and other items, like sunglasses and wallets.

2. Coat Rack

A coat rack is another essential part of a good entryway. Whether it's stand-alone or mounted on the wall, it's a handy place to stash those bulky winter coats, scarves, and other accessories that are weather dependent. Additionally, a rack can also serve as a place to hang dog leashes, doggy bags, and other pet walking accessories. If you don't have space on the rack for these items, then you can always keep a single hook by the door specifically designated for pet items.

3. Mirror

A gold mirror with a reflection of a room.

For many people, weekday mornings are hectic times. Not only are people usually rushing to get ready for the day, but there always seems to be a million things to do before heading out the door. This often means that even the smallest of time-saving items can reap huge benefits. That being said, eliminate the need for a last-minute dash to the bathroom by placing a mirror in the entryway. With a well placed mirror, you can get one last good look at yourself before heading out into the world.

4. Slip-On Shoes

A great way to save time in the mornings, especially if you have pets that need to be let out, is to keep a pair of shoes by the door. By keeping some shoes near the door at the ready, you can save time whenever you need to let the dog out, retrieve the morning paper, or drag the trash cans in. Furthermore, if shoe clutter is an issue or you have family members who fail to take their shoes off at the front door, consider placing a shoe rack in the entryway. This will help eliminate clutter and go a long way toward keeping your home clean.

5. Money Stash

cash on a table

Keeping a few dollars in a jar near the front door can be handy at times. Whether it's tipping the delivery person or serving as your lunch money for the day, easy access to cash can be extremely useful. You can keep it in a container, or even stash it in a coat pocket or drawer if you want it better concealed. Just remember to replenish it after each use and keep the value to a minimum of around five dollars.

6. Storage Bench

If you have the space available, consider adding some kind of storage in the form of a bench or entryway table. With the added storage, you can have room for things like a lint roller, gloves, an umbrella, and other useful items. Or, this can even be the place where you keep things to return like library books or video rentals. If you have kids, this can serve as the perfect place for them to tie their shoes before running out the door.

7. Welcome Mat

A pair of cowboy boots on a mat inside a door.

A mat not only welcomes visitors to your home, but it also helps to keep dirt and grime confined to the entryway. In turn, this will save you time in cleaning your home during the week. It can also keep you from worrying about people tracking in mud when you're not around to tell them not to. A good mat can also serve as a safety measure in the prevention of slips and falls when the weather outside turns wet and slippery.