7 Tips for Choosing Trim Paint Color

Choosing the right trim paint is very important as it can tie in all the other colors of your home. Picking trim paint seems like it should be an easy task, but there are things you need to consider before you make selections. Read on for several tips on how to correctly choose the right color of trim paint.

Cool or Warm Colors

When you start to look for trim paint, you will often be asked if you want warm or cool colors. Orange, red and pink are examples of warm colors whereas violet, blues and greens are considered to be cool.

Many Whites

Just because a paint says it is 'white' does not mean that it is the shade you are imagining. There are all kinds of paint colors considered to be white of some nature. Off-white, beige, ecru and eggshell are all different shades of white. Before choosing a white trim paint, always take along paint chips of the wall paint as well as a picture of the floors. These will help you to decide which white will work best as your trim paint.

Keep Notes

As you look for trim paint always take notes about the stores you go to and collect color cards and paint chips from. Write on the back of the cards pertinent information like the store where this brand is, the brand, the cost and anything else you find to be relevant. This can potentially save you a lot of time choosing your trim color.

Multiple Light Sources

When choosing any trim paint, always expose the chip to several kinds of light. Look at the color in the lighting of the room with the curtain drawn, with the curtains open as well as in natural light. Expose the paint chip side by side to the fabric and wood choices. This will let you see how the paint will look under many light sources.

Ask the Experts

Never underestimate the opinions and thoughts of the professionals online or at the store where you will be purchasing the trim paint. Take your paint chips to them along with fabric samples. They will help you choose the best paint for the job. They will also help you pick out trim paint that will fit your location including climate.

Custom Colors

Never be afraid of using custom colors as trim paint. If you want the trim to match perfectly with the wall, the floor and the ceiling, then you will need a trim paint color that perfectly complements the other colors. There usually is no charge for mixing the paint, and some stores will even let you return it if it does not meet your standards.

Consider the Ceiling

The ceiling color and texture means a lot when you're considering a trim paint color. A light paint will accent darker paint choices and make the ceiling appear higher. You can also choose a trim paint color that matches the ceiling color. This will elongate the ceiling making it look much larger and the room appear bigger.