7 Tips for Drilling into Brick Mortar

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Drilling brick mortar should be done carefully because an incorrect method can cause a good deal of damage to the home. There are several reasons why homeowners might need to drill holes into brick mortar, such as installing pipes or required cable for Internet and cable TV if there are no other options available. Here are some tips to consider for the project.

1. Make Sure the Drill Bit Is the Right Size

Always make sure that your drill bit is the right size for starters. If the bit is too large, it may crack the bricks and cause damage to the wall. Also be sure that the drill bit is long enough for the job.

2. Make Sure the Location Is Correct

When drilling a hole through a brick wall, drill in between the bricks and not directly through the bricks themselves. Boring through brick will actually cause cracks in the wall. Make sure that there are no obstacles as well or they will only make your job harder and potentially damage your drill.

3. Wear Safety Equipment

When working with any power tools, especially drills, be sure to wear safety equipment. Drilling through brick mortar can lead to flying particles and dust, so wear eye goggles and a dust mask to protect your eyes and respiratory system. Protect your skin too with gloves and by wearing long-sleeved, thick clothing. Don't work in an area if there are children present.

4. Use a Narrow Drill Bit at First

Drill first with a smaller bit when you’re making large holes. If you begin with a smaller opening and slowly widen the hole to the size you need, it will make the boring through less likely to cause cracks.

5. Drill a Few Seconds at a Time

It’s important to take your time with drilling, as going too fast can cause problems. If you drill the hole all at once, you risk your bit overheating, so to avoid this, bore through the mortar for only about ten seconds at a time, allowing the bit to cool off for another ten seconds in between. Drilling too much at once can also cause the bit to get stuck.

6. Use Putty to Seal Off Holes

After inserting pipes or cables through the hole drilled into the mortar, seal the cables or pipes with putty or by adding fresh mortar. Allow material to dry and then make sure that the hole is fully sealed.