7 Tips for Guest House Plans

A guest house.

Whether it’s for extra space at the cottage or to house the in-laws when they come to visit, making guest house plans can be the ideal solution if you have the room to expand. Taking on such a large home improvement project requires plenty of thought and planning before you get started. With so much to think about in making the plans for your guest house, you need to look at every aspect individually to see how they all fit into the bigger picture. Here are some ideas to keep in mind before you break ground to build your guests home.


You will want your guest house to be both accessible and private. Hire a surveyor to show you a few different locations on your property where you will be able to build. Select a location where guests can easily walk from your home to the guest house after an evening of entertainment and where there is room for them to park their car close by. Plant a hedge between your home and the guest house to give your friends and family the privacy they want at the end of the night.


Keep the layout of your guest house simple. You are not building a permanent home, but rather a place for friends and family to lay their head for a night or two. An open concept main floor, with kitchen, dining, and sitting rooms as one, works best. On the second floor have one main hallway with a bedroom on either side.

Common Rooms

Keep common rooms, such as the kitchen, sitting room, and dining room warm and inviting. Comfortable yet functional furniture will allow your guests to unwind when they have a moment to themselves. Keep these rooms stylish so your guests can also entertain on a smaller scale if they feel the need to return your hospitality.


A guest house kitchen should be completely equipped, even if it’s on a smaller scale. You will be able to find mini versions of fridges, stoves, and dishwashers at any major appliance store. Also remember to have both a microwave and toaster oven on hand for those late night snacks. You can also install a small washing machine in the kitchen for guests who stay long enough to do their own laundry.


Most people understand the need to share a bathroom when they are traveling. Your guest house needs at least one full bathroom for every two bedrooms, as well as a powder room on the main floor. Ensure at least one bedroom has its own bathroom.


Make sure you have something on hand to entertain your guests during the downtime they will be on their own in the guest house. A home theatre system with a variety of movies and music for every taste is a good starting point. If you can, get cable or satellite access. Also, you will want a well-stocked library in your guest house along with a smattering of recent magazines.

Decorating Ideas

Keep a common theme in mind when decorating your guest house. This is a place for your guests to relax and unwind, so you don’t want to overpower them with fantastic decors. Choose something regional to highlight their visit to your home. How your guest house is decorated will add to their memories of their visit with you.