7 Tips for Installing Travertine Pavers on Concrete

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  • 3-5 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 100-300
What You'll Need
Concrete patching products
Travertine pavers
Tile saw

Travertine pavers are marble pavers that can be laid on concrete. There are a lot of pavers to use, but travertine pavers are very popular and match almost every color. There are things you should know before attempting to install pavers to concrete, so here are some tips on installing travertine pavers on concrete.

Tip 1: Having the Concrete Ready

Before you even think about laying down your travertine pavers you have to have your concrete ready for them. All loose pieces of concrete have to be swept off the concrete so it's completely smooth. Once done, bleach that is used for outdoors has to be applied so that any mildew or mold on the concrete is killed.

Tip 2: Patch All Holes That Are In the Concrete

All the tiny or large holes seen in the concrete have to be patched with a concrete patching product. The kinds of products you need are available at the local hardware store. The one good thing about the patching products is they are better than normal concrete. Patching products have a much better adhesion and bonds much better.

Tip 3: Layout Dry to Make Your Design

Place your travertine pavers on the concrete and decide on a pattern by moving the pieces around. This allows you to find out if any of your travertine pavers have to be cut to fit into the concrete. Measure and mark the pavers to indicate where cuts will be needed.

Tip 4: Preparing the Mortar

As you will be working outdoors it is best that you mix your mortar in a place that will hold the entire bag. A wheelbarrow is a great item to use for mixing the mortar. Using the entire bag is good as it saves you trying to guess how much mortar you need for doing small sections.

Tip 5: Spreading the Mortar

Once the mortar is mixed, it is time to spread it on the concrete. To spread the mortar onto the concrete you will use a trowel. When you spread the mortar onto the concrete, hold the trowel on a 45-degree angle and only spread enough mortar for 2 to 4 travertine pavers.

Tip 6: Placing the Full Travertine Pavers

When you are placing the travertine pavers use a smaller trowel to spread a small layer of mortar on the back edge so that it joins to the travertine paver beside it. This will ensure that the pavers have great adhesion to the concrete and mortar. Continue until all your full-piece pavers are down.

Tip 7: Cutting the Travertine Pavers

Now that you have laid all your whole travertine pavers it is time to cut the ones needed to finish your design. You will use a tile saw to cut the pavers on the marked line you placed on the tile earlier. Once you have cut all the pavers you need then you are ready to lay them. The cut pavers are laid the same way as the whole pavers with mortar on the back edge of the paver that will connect to the travertine pavers beside it.