7 Types of Exhaust Fans and How to Use Them

Roof exhaust

An exhaust fan may be extremely beneficial in ways which you would never have thought possible. In fact, very few people are aware that “stale air” may have a detrimental effect on persons cooped up in the same house. A lack of air flow usually results in problems such as mildew, mold, and even damage to walls and furniture. Moreover, it could also result in minor illnesses, such as allergies, headaches, or asthma. Therefore, having an exhaust fan will greatly help in limiting these problems, since it recycles the air we breathe in everyday. Various types of exhaust fans are available, each with their own characteristics.

1. Wall Mounted Exhaust Fans

These type of fans are ideal if you do not wish to spend a lot of time devising and planning your fan’s installation. A wall mounted fan is installed to an external wall of your house, and enables the air inside to exit straight through the fan itself.

2. Exterior Exhaust Fans

Similar to wall-mounted fans, these type of fans actually pull out the air inside the building and expel it outside. Exterior exhaust fans are particularly suited to those who do not want any noise issues, since in this case any noise emitted from the fan would be outside of the house.

3. Ceiling Mounted Exhaust Fans

ceiling exhaust fan

If you have an upstairs room in need of better air flow, a ceiling mounted fan is your best bet. These are mounted to the ceiling of a room, and they remove the air inside through a hole in the ceiling. As such, more often than not a ceiling mounted fan makes use of a hole in a building’s attic.

4. Kitchen Exhaust Fans

kitchen exhaust fan

These are a common addition in many kitchens, since they are very useful to have them installed over the stove. Kitchen exhaust fans are an excellent way of removing the unavoidable smells which are inherent in any kitchen. They are also perfectly suited to lessen the moisture level of your kitchen.

5. Bathroom Exhaust Fans

After taking a bath or a shower, moisture will inevitably accumulate on the surface of your bathroom tiles and mirrors. Installing an exhaust fan in your bathroom will ensure that the moisture resulting from washing will be easily eliminated. Moreover, bathroom exhaust fans are usually smaller and more affordable than any other kind of exhaust fan on the market.

6. Inline Exhaust Fans

variety of exhaust fans

In case you wish to install a fan in a room which is difficult to ventilate, you should consider an inline exhaust fan. These fans are mounted in between the ducting, so that the bad air is expelled through the ducts.

7. Exhaust Fans Including Lights

Apart from doing what a normal exhaust fan does, these type of combo fans can also lighten up your ventilated area. This is a great way of making the fan more innocuous, since it would blend in the atmosphere as if it was just another light source.

There is certainly no shortage when it comes to variety of exhaust fan options. Take the necessary time to evaluate your needs carefully and choose the right exhaust fan for you.