6 Types of Sink Strainers to Consider

A sink strainer.

The kitchen sink strainer is a metal screen that is necessary to the kitchen sink drainage and plumbing systems. The strainer enables water to flow through the drain and prevents larger solid items from creating clogs and damage. It sits in alignment with the opening of the kitchen sink and the opening to the sink drain pipe. The kitchen sink strainer is a vital part of your kitchen plumbing system. There are a variety of sink strainers available. All of these devices are available with a standard fit, and all of these devices provide a similar function.

1. Back Nut Strainer

This type of sink strainer is held in place with a back nut. The basket strainer joins the sink to the plumbing system. The body of this device is a strainer. The strainer is placed in the bottom of the sink. A rubber gasket holds it securely to prevent the drainage of water, and the back nut holds the unit together.

2. Double Cup Strainer

This strainer has a second cup along with a nut that secures it into position. One of the cups sits securely in the sink, while the other is removed and inserted as necessary to fill and drain the sink with water.

3. Flange Strainer

The flange style strainer uses a flange to secure it to the bottom of the sink. A flange is a type of rim that is used as a strengthening attachment in a plumbing system to keep parts secure.

4. Level Strainer

A level strainer sits over the sink and is used when the sink is full to prevent drainage. This plastic circle stopper employs suction to keep the water in the sink.

5. Drain Strainer

A drain strainer is a type of sink strainer that is placed securely in the drain. This stainless steel cup-shaped stopper can be easily inserted and removed in order to fill or drain the sink of water.

6. Stopper Strainer

This combination strainer is left in the sink drain. When it is turned it prevents any water drainage. When it is not turned, it prevents any larger objects from going into the plumbing system.

Cost of Strainers

Kitchen sink strainers are usually provided with the purchase of a new sink or basin. However, there are some strainers that need to be purchased separately. The costs of a new strainer can vary depending on the brand, material, and securing mechanism in this draining device. All sink strainers generally perform the same type of function, regardless of the material used to make them. However, some strainers are offered with a locking mechanism which secures the device to the drain. The costs of sink strainers can range from $5 to $100, depending on their function and the material used to make them. Generally, plastic level strainers are the least expensive, and stainless steel combination strainers are the most expensive.