7 Uses for a Blender Chopper

Homeowners everywhere are recognizing the ease of use and efficiency of the blender chopper dual appliance. The appliance is usually hand-held, and consist of an immersion blender, and a separate chopping attachment.

The main benefits of blender choppers are the ease of use, small size and light weight and convenience. Most people find that they have cleaner counter tops and lesser dishes to clean if they have a blender chopper in their kitchen. There are several ways in which you can put a blender chopper to efficient use.

1. Blend Liquids

Just like the normal counter top blender, a blender chopper can do a fine job of blending milkshakes, smoothies, and pastes. One of the biggest advantages of this appliance is that it is small enough to fit in most glasses. So you can put pieces of fruit, milk, and yogurt in a glass, immerse the blender, and make a smoothie right in the glass. There is no transfer of items between containers and less cleaning up.

2. Mix Solids and Liquids

With an immersion blender chopper, you can make soup in minutes. Just put the blender in the soup container, and run it. You no longer have to transfer parts of the mix into the blender jar, blend it, and then transfer it to another container. Again, this greatly reduces cleaning required.

3. Puree Food

You can use these appliances to puree baby food in very little time. Because of the small quantities involved, this is really not a suitable job for a blender jar, which is why an immersion blender comes handy. You can also make pastes from nuts or powdered spices.

4. Mix Batters

Using a blender chopper, you can mix eggs to make a fluffier omelet. You can mix batter for cakes, pancakes, cookies, and most other baking chores. Making mousse will be an easy job using this versatile appliance. You can also make dressing for salads, a smooth hummus from chick peas, and breadcrumbs from old bread. Though not suitable for heavy-duty grinding, a blender chopper can do a decent job of grinding solids such as toast.

5. Chop Vegetables and Fruits

The chopper attachment does its fair share of work. You can use it to dice and chop vegetables and fruits to a perfect, even consistency. You can use the appropriate blade to achieve the desired shape and thickness. When you use a chopper, the overall visual appeal of food is also greatly enhanced.

6. Cut Meat

You can cut pieces of soft meat such as chicken, lamb, and fish in the chopper jar. However, you must be careful to avoid introducing pieces of bone in the mix, as this can damage the chopper blades.

7. Mince Food

You can mince onions, tomatoes, celery, cilantro, chilies, peppers, and so many other foods in the chopper. In fact, making salsa will be a 1 minute job, because all you have to do is add the vegetables in the jar, and the chopper will do the rest of the work!