7 Ways to Add Vintage Charm to Your Bathroom

A vintage cold water tap.

Creating a bathroom with vintage charm isn't difficult if you make gradual changes to your existing space. While some changes can be much larger than others, this list provides a wide variety of ways you can transform your bathroom into a space that seems to come from another time.

1. Accessories

Creating a bathroom with vintage charm isn't difficult if you make gradual chang

Small accessories can make a big difference when decorating a bathroom. Check out your local antique shops, thrift stores, and garage sales for vintage-looking soap dishes, trash cans, soap dispensers, foot stools, laundry baskets, and more. These items can live in small places around the bathroom and add a unique, vintage touch without overwhelming the space.

2. Shelves, Cabinets, and Vanities

All three of these items were used in bathrooms of the past for storage when cabinets weren’t a common bathroom necessity. If your bathroom lacks storage but still has a little extra space, use shelves, cabinets, and vanities to add storage and style to your bathroom.

3. Fixtures

1. Accessories

One of the easiest ways to add vintage charm to your bathroom is to remove old fixtures and replace them with vintage ones. Claw foot bathtubs and pedestal sinks are super vintage, but costly. If replacing the large pieces is not something you’re ready for, focus on smaller fixtures such as the faucet, towel racks, cabinet handles, faucet handles, and light switch covers. Hardware stores carry a wide variety of bathroom fixtures and tend to have a nice selection of vintage styles to choose from.

4. Mirrors

Old-style bathrooms were decorated with mirrors to bring more light in by reflecting and brightening the room. Add a few mirrors to the bathroom to accent the natural lighting from windows or work with light provided by fixtures in the room. Choose a few small mirrors to hang in various places in addition to hanging a large, framed mirror above the sink.

5. Paint

Give your bathroom a vintage twist by updating the paint job. Light colors like blue, brown, or grey are popular for vintage bathrooms, but some decorators are so bold as to try bright blue, green, or yellow. Whatever color you choose, accent this color with white fixtures. If your paint choice is white, then add vintage twists with brighter or patterned towels, shower curtains, or wall borders. The trick is not to have more than one accent color in order to create that elegant, vintage look.

6. The Trim

Many bathrooms with vintage style have white trim along the ceiling and floor. Baseboards and crown molding are inexpensive and easy enough to install with the proper leveling tools. No matter what color your bathroom walls are, a white trim can make a whole lot of difference by creating clean, crisp edges and lines.

7. Flooring

Small accessories can make a big difference when decorating a bathroom. Check ou

Vinyl that imitates hardwood, black and white tiles, and even a few throw rugs can add vintage charm to your bathroom. If replacing the flooring, select colors that match your paint and don’t look too modern.

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