7 Ways to Keep a Small Kitchen Organized

small kitchen with neatly organized drawers for cutlery and dishware

A small kitchen doesn’t have to be a big problem. Keep your space well-organized and use some creative DIY storage solutions and you’ll find you’ve got all the space you need.

Make Storage Multi-Task

Storage areas can pull double duty thanks to small additions. Add hooks to the bottom of shelves so that they can now store even more items. Mount a row of pegs under a shelf or cabinet on the wall, and now multiple items can be hung here. Little changes like this can double some of your storage areas.

Add Tension Rods

Short shower curtain rods are an amazing storage solution. Place them inside cabinets to create a convenient and easy place to hang items. Put one in the cabinet under the sink and you've got a great spot to hang up spray bottles and other items.

Shower curtain rods and hooks are easy to find and simple to install. You can hang all kinds of items this way and get more use out of your cabinets.

Use the Walls

tile wall in kitchen with storage shelves and rods

Add a piece of pegboard or a magnetic chalkboard to the kitchen wall to have a convenient spot to store all sorts of small items. Pegboard is such a great kitchen solution, Julia Child had it behind her while she created her incredible cuisine.

Use the Cabinet Doors

Add simple wood strips inside cabinets to create rows of hooks. Wall trim pieces are perfect for this.

Simply glue them right to the inside of cabinet doors and add small, screw-in hooks. This way, you can hang utensils and other items easily.

Use the Cabinet Sides, Too

You probably don't ever think about the sides of your cabinets. That's unused storage space!

Add pegs to the sides of cabinets. This is a great spot for storing cutting boards, strainers, and other kitchen tools that can otherwise be awkward to store.

Keep Neat Drawers

neat drawers with kitchen cooking supplies

One of the best ways to keep any kitchen organized is to keep the drawers neat. It’s easy for things to get jumbled up in there and that’s how items get lost or forgotten.

How many times have you chopped a hard-boiled egg, crushed garlic, or peeled a vegetable using a regular kitchen knife and then two days later, found out you actually have the precisely perfect tool for one of these tasks that you forgot you owned?

Use drawer dividers and small containers to keep everything more organized and more visible. You should be able to look in a drawer and see exactly what you’ve got in it. Get all your drawers this neat, get rid of stuff you don’t even use and you’ll be surprised by how much more organized your space looks and feels.

Stop Stacking

Rather than stacking plates and pans in cabinets one on top of the other, try storing them vertically instead. Use wooden file dividers or swiple dowel rods to create small spaces where dishes and pans can be placed inside vertically.

This will keep everything much easier to access and it will keep the cabinets looking much neater overall. You may find that you can also store more stuff in these areas now that you have literally flipped the script.

Keep the Kitchen Organized

The best way to keep the kitchen organized is to remember where everything goes and keep it in its place. It’s easy to get a little lazy and just start throwing things in drawers and cabinets, but that’s a bad idea.

It only takes a few minutes more to organize things well as you’re putting them away. Know where everything goes and keep it there and your kitchen will always be organized and ready to use.