7 Ways To Modify Your Mower

These days, your mower doesn’t have to be just for cutting grass. There is a vast array of attachments and modifications that can make your mower the go-to tool for all sorts of outdoor jobs. The specific attachments and modifications will vary from mower to mower. Many of them are specific to a given brand name. Below are some of the more common attachments you’ll find on a mower.

Catch Bags

The single most common modification made to mowers is to add a mulch or catch bag. Most companies will either offer a custom bag for each mower or include the bag on the mower when you purchase it. These can be handy for catching clippings as they are discharged and keeping your lawn looking extra clean. But the downside is they often force you to make frequent stops to empty the bag (how frequent depends on bag size, grass length, and lawn size). These are available for both push mowers and riding mowers, though it is more common for a riding mower to use a mulching blade.

Mulching Blade Or Kit

Adding a mulching blade or mulch kit is another common option. This will first cut the blade of grass, then chop it into smaller, undetectable pieces that fall back into your lawn and act as mulch, keeping your yard healthier as you mow. The downside is that these can be very expensive, and often require more maintenance than regular mower blades. These are easy to find for push mowers, but they are especially popular for riding mowers. Since riding mowers are typically used on larger lawns, the mulched grass can save the owner a few dollars on watering their larger yard.

Riding Mower Specific Modifications

There are some attachments that simply can’t be used for a push mower, or at least are uncommon. However, the advantage with riding mower attachments and modifications is that they are much less product specific.

The most obvious modification is the addition of a trailer hitch (if one isn’t already present) in order to pull carts and trailers behind. A riding mower may not have the power of an ATV or tractor, but it is often enough to get the job done.

It is also common to add a plow to the front of a riding mower, in order to plow snow in the winter time. It is important to note, however, that the tires on riding mowers are usually designed to be easy on your grass and not dig into it. This means you may need to add snow tires or chains around your tires in order to gain enough traction for plowing snow with just a riding mower, otherwise you risk getting stuck.

3 Less Common Attachments

Other, slightly less common attachments include a leaf blower during the fall, snow blower for winter, and garden plough or tiller for spring. These are always product specific.

For those that want the best in lawn care, it is important to choose the mower that offers the most customization for what they need. With the right modifications, you can turn your mower into a tool for all seasons!