8 Benefits to Owning a Fiberglass Boat for Fishing

birdseye view of a boat in the water

For many fisherman, a fiberglass boat is the type of watercraft that they are looking for. A fiberglass boat has been very popular among anglers for some time now for many different reasons. If you are looking for a new boat to go across the lake in and catch that lunker bass or pike, here are some benefits to owning a fiberglass boat.

1. Easy to Maintain

Perhaps the biggest benefit of all is the fact that a fiberglass boat is much easier to take care of. With an aluminum, or a wooden hull boat, you are always looking at painting, sanding, or fixing any leaks caused by rocks and beaching. A fiberglass boat can withstand a lot more punishment, especially when it comes to beaching it. Cleaning the boat is much easier with some very good cleaning products suited perfectly for fiberglass boats.

2. Lighter Boat

A fiberglass boat is going to be lighter than a wooden boat. The aluminum boat is going to be a little lighter, but in general, the fiberglass boat is going to be lighter to push through the water. This means that the engine needed to push a bigger boat does not need to be as large as with a wooden hull boat.

3. Easily Molded

Building a fiberglass boat is a simple process for boat builders. Many of the low profile bass fishing boats are made out of fiberglass because of the way that they can be molded with clean lines. These boats also sit higher in the water than other materials because of the foam core in the hull.

4. Clean Lines

A fiberglass boat is going to have a very smooth exterior to it. Aluminum boats have ribs on them that gives them a more utilitarian look. Fiberglass boats are smooth to the touch and have very sleek lines in which causes it to cut through the water in a much more efficient way.

5. Quieter Ride in Water

As you go along in the water there is a "lapping" sound of the water hitting the hull. In a fiberglass boat this noise is not as loud as in a wooden or aluminum boat. This is very convenient when the fiberglass boat is a cabin cruiser or large recreational boat.

6. Great for Cabins

Since fiberglass boats are made from molded fiberglass the cabins are streamlined so they do not cut down on the efficiency of the engine. Cabins are smooth and sleek just as the exterior hull is.

7. Can Be Kept in Water

Many people who own a fiberglass boat will leave them in the water for a few months at a time without having to take them out. This is because it is harder for urchins to attach themselves to the smooth surface of the hull. The exterior of the boat will need to be clean before putting it away for the season if left in the water for a few months, but there will not be any structural damage.

8. Easy to Repair

If there is some damage to the fiberglass boat it is very easily repaired with the use of epoxy or other fiberglass patch. This type of material will harden like the fiberglass exterior and provide a waterproof seal.