8 Best Uses for Portable Solar Panels

Portable solar panels are some of the most energy-efficient and useful products known to man. These devices can be used to charge appliances when you are on the go. Portable solar panels that are manufactured today are more efficient, smaller in size and easier to carry. You can clip these devices on to your belt or put them in your pocket. You can use larger versions of portable solar panels for charging bigger appliances. Below are some of the best uses for portable solar panels.

1 – Charge a Laptop

A laptop is one of the appliances most people carry on trips. Whether it is a business trip, a vacation or visiting relatives, a laptop is an essential tool for many. You can use it for work, communication and entertainment. A portable solar panel that generates electricity from sunshine can be used to recharge your laptop as and when needed. It is advisable to keep spare batteries on hand, so that you can work even on cloudy days and at night.

2 – Charge a Cell Phone

A cell phone is another valuable accessory that people include in their travel bag. It can come handy when you want to call people on the road and for assistance in case of emergencies. Use a solar panel to generate the electricity you need for recharging your cell phone so that you remain unaffected even if you forget your phone charger at home.

3 – Charge a Portable Music Player

Whether you use it on daily walks or runs or as a form of entertainment on the go, a portable music player is an essential. You can recharge your iPod anywhere, anytime if you have portable solar panels

4 – Provide Electricity for an RV

For long trips on an RV, an electricity generator can be bulky, noisy and expensive to purchase and maintain. On the other hand, portable solar panels can be easily installed and used on your RV. You do not have to deal with the annoying noise form a generator, while the solar electricity fulfils all your requirements.

5 – Provide Electricity for a Camp

Camping outdoors is a fun activity enjoyed by many. Portable solar panels provide safe, energy-friendly means of electricity generation in your camping site.

6 – Heating Water in Remote Areas

Whether you live in a remote area or whether you are on vacation or camping in one, the need for hot water is usually met by using fuel or electricity. Both these methods can be cumbersome. If you use solar panels, you can easily heat water for your cooking or cleaning needs. You can also use the electricity for cooking on an electric grill, stove or barbecue.

7 – Watching Television while Camping

If you have a portable television, it most probably accompanies you on outdoor trips. You can provide the required electricity with the use of portable solar panels.

8 – Charging Car Batteries

Many people use car power outlets for charging mobile appliances. This creates strain on the car battery, which can drain fast. With solar power panels on hand, you can have a backup ready at all times, which you can use for the car battery and also for charging appliances.