8 Contemporary Furniture Ideas For Your Home

Contemporary Furniture
a chic, modern living space with contemporary furniture

The art of home design is always evolving. These days, the influence of natural objects and imagery is evident, and shapes drawn from organic subjects are combining in new, exciting ways with movements like minimalism and post-modernism.

Check out some of these beautiful new furniture concepts as inspiration for home projects you can create yourself!

Modern Cafe
contemporary cafe design concept with curvy, egg shaped chairs and lime accents

Bring the space cafe down to earth with this ultra-modern take. Sculpting the ceiling or floor adds depth and flow, while bright colors contrast with white for a flashy pop. Futuristic seating such as these pods are sure to be a conversation starter, while the nearly matching light fixture domes bring the look together.

Child's Play
Wooden children's chairs with natural looking round seats and branched backs

Create a fun and whimsical space for kids with chairs that inspire creativity. Whether they're featured at the kids' table during the holiday or set up at a craft station, the natural look is timeless and organic.

Rounded "branches" create a backrest that's functional as well as unique, while the paint-dipped bottom of each leg brings to mind the hoof of an antlered animal.

Multi-function Table
A wood table that raises and lowers from the base

Whether the appeal is in the streamlined wood design or the useful raising and lowering feature, this table could be a staple piece for nearly any decor. For the minimalist, the multi-functionality is ideal in a small space, where you could convert your piece from a coffee table to a dining table or work station.

Built-in Living Room Seats
White cushioned seats built into a wall with shelving in between them

Efficient use of space meets cozy reading alcove with these built-in sitting nooks. Of course, the white leather look could be replaced with any material or natural wood that fits your decor, but the design is inspiring as a concept, especially with the easily accessible shelving incorporated into the wall.

Beetle Sofa
A couch shaped like a beetle with thick cushions and pillows on a frame of spiky sticks or antlers

Every guest would have a comment about this focal point, and as a design concept it could be recreated with antlers, sticks, or metal work. Cushions are versatile too, and can match any type of decor. Both the frame and the pillow colors are changeable, for a design style ranging from country to contemporary.

Sleek Table
Room with concrete walls, dark wood floors and contemporary furniture

Contemporary design blends clean minimalism, organic curves, and industrial simplicity, as exemplified here. While you might not have the concrete walls, a dark grey paint would bring in the look, especially coupled with the dark wood, and rustic style flooring.

Perhaps the simplest and most powerful statement in the room is the sleek table with basic contour, elegant legs, and natural tone.

Medical Comfort
Office with modern white desk, organizational cubicle on wheels, and exam bed

While the exam bed might not have a place in your home, efficient but curvy furniture can accentuate any home office. The basic storage cubicle seen here sports an upgrade with wheels for mobility and cupboards for storage.

Rather than completely enclosed drawers, the streamlined desk offers a partially open storage shelf to keep papers and extra keyboards readily at hand. The contrasting natural wood legs offer visual response to the clean white desk surface, but any color and material combination would work with this clean, comforting design.

Artsy Entrance
A wooden table and cubicle display block surrounded by wall art and figurines in an entryway

This entryway invites guests with a warm vibe and artsy composure. Wall art takes center stage above the rustic-meets-modern wood and steel table. The matching block of wood display base could be used to support a lamp, vase, or collection of wood carvings. Soft textiles gently unify the vibe.

This furniture design is so classic that any type of wood could be used to recreate it, each offering a different look and opportunities to personalize. Imagine how pine or mahogany would change the canvas for the same area and you might come up with ideas to replicate this idea in your space.

Time for Bed
Contemporary bedroom with grey bed, night stands, and curtain behind them

We can't forget the bedroom when peaking into awesome furniture design, and while you could go for anything from Baroque to a western log style, this box design screams timeless in its simplicity. The soothing tones of gray invite you to sleep, and the natural energy of the wood and stone create an outdoorsy feel without going overboard on rustic flair.

The equally charming night stands completes the look in a way that could be replicated as a DIY project, allowing you to choose the materials and colors that suit your personal style.