Brief Advice on Optimizing Your Basement Storage Area

basement storage
  • 1-100 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-25,000

Although basement storage is not a frequently visited area, it is important to keep it organized. An organized basement area will avail space in the basement so it can be used as a gym or a study room, adding value to the house. Keeping the basement clean and organized also helps prevent moisture and mildew from gathering. Use the following tips to organize your basement storage.

1. Don't Toss Items

Avoid the habit of tossing items in the basement without any thought as to where they should be placed. The basement should be organized so edible items, mementos, and documents are kept in their own areas.

2. Sort Items

Sort through the items in your basement storage area. Establish a ground rule where an item that has not been used for six months should be discarded or given away. Adopt regular spring cleaning as a habit. It will keep your basement storage neat and clean.

3. Install Shelves

room with built in bookcases

Install shelves or cabinets to store everyday items such as canned foods, toilet rolls, and paper towels. Install shelves vertically rather than horizontally, as there is much more space available in the upward direction. Tall shelves increase the amount of available storage space.

4. Use Plastic Bins

Place food articles in waterproof plastic bins. Use silicone gel to keep moisture from spoiling foodstuffs.

5. Use Clear Plastic Storage Bins

Use clear plastic storage bins for easy identification of stored items. Label the boxes to indicate what is stored inside of them.

6. Install Hooks

row of storage hooks

Do not use the basement pipes to hang anything. Install hooks on the ceiling or within cupboards from which items can be hung.

7. Have Space

Ensure there is enough space to move around the appliances that are installed in the basement. They include the washing machine, water heater, and electric fuse box.

8. Keep Toxic Elements Away

Keep toxic materials away from the reach of children by placing them at a height.