8 Fall Wreath Ideas

A fall wreath on a blue door.

With the change of the seasons comes the desire to give the decor an update too. Wreaths are a great way to add color and seasonal flair to your home. There are dozens of different types of wreaths and each can be made with a variety of materials, resulting in endless options that can make your wreath as unique or as mainstream as you want it to be. Here is some inspiration to make your own fall wreath.

1. Herbs

Herbs make a gorgeous natural wreath. Eucalyptus has a hearty stem that can be formed into a circle with or without a frame. Add other large leaf and hearty varieties of herbs such as rosemary, lavender, sage, and mint to a rounded bundle of wheat or mount them to a grapevine frame with floral wire.

2. Gourds and Pumpkins

A fall wreath on a light blue door.

Gourds and pumpkins make the perfect seasonal decor. They last longer than many other natural products and offer a spectacular array of colors, textures, and sizes to work with. Glue smaller varietals to a wreath frame of your choice and fill in the spaces with greenery and a natural material such as corn husks.

3. Fruit and Nuts

Putting together an amazing fall wreath is easy with the selection of fall fruits and nuts. Wine and table grapes add a fresh look while dried apples and walnuts bring a look that will last the season. Also explore fun fruits like starfruit, citrus options like lemons, and small additions like kumquats. To make your fresh fruits last longer, brush them with a shellac coating.

4. Flowers

A fall wreath with flowers.

Even though much of the summer foliage has died, flowers can be given a second life when you dry them and use them in your fall wreath decorations. Large blooms such as hydrangeas make a bold statement, but also consider roses, sunflowers, and strawflowers.

5. Burlap or Tulle

Burlap is a natural fiber that screams fall harvest and also makes a great seasonal wreath. Tulle is another option as a base layer for your wreath. Bunch up wide sections of either material and attach it to any type of wreath frame. Embellish the look any way you want with fresh produce or long-lasting wooden cutouts, evergreens, vines, dried berries, and more.

6. Berries

A fall wreath with berries.

For a quick and fresh wreath, grab those blackberry or raspberry vines and wrap them around any wireframe, including one made from a wire hanger. If you still have blueberries, blackberries, or other options, hang them in groups or leave them attached to the vine. Alternately, cranberries and holly both make a bold statement and are easy to work with when making colorful wreaths.

7. Wood

If you’re the handy type, dig out the scroll saw and make wood cutouts. Draw, cut, and paint leaves, pumpkins, gourds, ghouls, flowers, turkeys, berries, corn, or any other design that reminds you of fall. Overlap the wood cutouts as you glue them to a basic wireframe for a durable wreath you can put out year after year.

8. Fabric

A fall wreath.

Another long-lasting material for wreaths is fabric. Select your favorite fall prints and cut a stack of 3 to 4 inch squares. Use pinking shears for a jagged edge. Using a sharp object like a screwdriver or a pencil, push each square into a straw wreath frame so the center is held in place while the jagged edges stick out. Put the squares very close together for an overstuffed look and add a variety of fabrics for a multi-dimensional appearance.