8 Great Bath Storage Ideas

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Storage is at a premium in small areas such as bathrooms. Bathrooms tend to have an unending clutter of items, especially those used by a large family. Creating storage in underused places is an ideal way of getting the decks cleared. Here are a few places to start looking.

Build a Cupboard to Partition Off the Toilet

A cupboard or toilet partition creates both privacy and storage space. Install a mini bookshelf for storing things like extra toilet paper and cleaning supplies. The reverse side of the cupboard can be used to store shampoo and other items.

Go Up

Often, a bathroom has an area that lends itself to a tall, thin cupboard. That can be extremely useful for storing towels and bathmats. If you don't want to build a full-on cupboard with doors, consider making a set of shelves.

Tops of Vanities

The tops of vanities usually collect of everyone's toiletries. Consider using part of the vanity to build a cupboard. A long, thin, and tall cupboard will hold many toiletries.

Areas That Are Too Thin to Be of Use

Often, we consider an area too thin to be of use when designing bath storage. Take another look and consider putting in a small cabinet that is similar to a spice racks. They can be very useful for storing medicines and smaller toiletries.

The Bath Side

Most baths are built into the wall. Consider using the space between the wall and the edge of the bath by cutting into the panels to create drop-down storage drawers.

Behind the Door

The area behind the door is seldom used for storage. It can hold a number of light objects. Attach a few lightweight holders, such as towel rails, and you can hang items.

Install a Shower Shelf

It's far tidier to have toiletries collected on a shower shelf than to scatter the floor of the shower. They are also far more accessible to a person who is showering. A triangular shower shelf is an ideal storage unit.

Use the Wall Space

Most buildings have wall space between rooms. Take a few measurements to determine whether you have sufficient space to add a few shelves in the area. By making a box to fit the space and installing a few glass shelves, you can create a bath storage area that is both useful and decorative.


At the end of the day, there are many areas of your bathroom you can make use of with a little imagination and design. Even if you aren't very good with carpentry, you can still find plenty of ready-made storage containers and shelves to help organize your bathroom.