8 Habits that Will Make Your Home Tidier

making a bed

It’s nice to walk into your home and enjoy how tidy everything is. And in a perfect world, your home would be neat and organized at all times. However, that’s not always how real life works. At times, everyone feels as though their space is a complete disaster. Whether that means laundry piling up, dishes in the sink, or miscellaneous items out of place, it happens to everyone at some point. Luckily, there are habits you can make a point to establish in order to maintain a healthier home effortlessly.

Make Your Bed In The Morning

It can be pretty tempting to skip the step of making your bed every morning, especially as you’re rushing to get out the door. However, making your bed goes a long way toward making your bedroom look more put together each day. It doesn’t take much time, and sets the tone that you’re going to put in the extra effort to keep things in your home tidy that day. Plus, who doesn’t love peeling back the covers every evening when they climb into a fresh and orderly bed?

Place Cleaning Supplies Strategically

Cleaning is much less of a production if you have the supplies you need to do so readily available. Make a habit of storing cleaning supplies in the vicinity of where they’ll actually be put to use. For example, leave bathroom cleaning supplies under the sink for easy access. That way, as you see things here and there in the bathroom that need cleaning, it’ll be easy to do them on the fly and keep the room spic and span all the time.

woman with a laundry basket picking up clothes

Always Pick Up When You Leave a Room

Every time you leave a room, make a habit of picking something up to put it away on your way to your next destination within your home. Doing this makes you more efficient in cleaning and will make a huge difference when it comes to your home being orderly overall. If you do this every time you move from one spot to another, you’ll mitigate the need to do one large clean up of everything that’s out of place.

Wipe Down All Surfaces

Your home will feel a whole lot cleaner if you make an effort to wipe down surfaces each time you use them. Doing so only takes a few seconds and it can make all the difference in how tidy your home looks and feels! Wipe down counters and your shower and sink each time you use them.

Pick Spots for Paper

Every household takes in at least some paperwork, even if you opt for online bills and statements. And placing paper here, there, and everywhere around your house can cause quite a build up of clutter and, quite frankly, a mess. To avoid this happening, choose a spot that’s designated to hold this paperwork. That way, not only will your home be tidier, but it will also be easy to find papers when you need them.

Make Donations

Decluttering is a huge part of keeping your home tidy. Make it a regular occurrence to go through out clothes, accessories, and home goods to get rid of unneeded items around your home, keeping it more orderly and spacious. Donate items that are still in decent condition to give others the chance to use things you no longer need and simultaneously keep your home tidy.

donating a box of clothes

Clean Your Fridge Regularly

Make a habit of cleaning out your fridge each week, perhaps when you do your regular grocery shopping. This habit will keep your kitchen tidier and help you avoid rotten or spoiled food from dwelling in your fridge, which is unsanitary and smelly.

Create a Laundry Cadence

An overflowing hamper is a common problem, and it can make you feel like your house is in a discouraging state of chaos. Avoid that problem by getting into the habit of doing a load of laundry every other day rather than letting dirty clothes pile up all week. One simple load is easy enough to wash, dry, and fold in an evening, making it a chore worth committing to.

Cultivating these habits will erase the feeling of overwhelmed despair when you walk through your door. Instead, each time you return home, you'll feel a rush of relief, relaxation, and even pride.