8 Items to Put inside Military Shadow Boxes

Military shadow boxes are enclosed or framed boxes with a glass front. These shadow boxes are designed to let light pass through one single angle. This keeps the objects safe from being damaged by light. These boxes are often presented as retirement gifts to military officials.

The shadow boxes are available in different sizes and colors. Moreover, the range of prices also vary greatly. The idea behind using these boxes is to preserve memories and other important objects from their professional accomplishment. The box stores important mementos and keepsakes from the military days.

Military shadow boxes can be readily purchased or can be customized. In fact, you can actually build one at home too. However, you need to first decide on the purpose of the shadow box and decide what would be displayed in it. Various different shapes and sizes are available to display different items. You can purchase military shadow boxes specifically for displaying certificates, photos, ribbons, flag displays, medals, uniforms, etc. The box can be made using wood, metal, paper, or cardboard.

The military shadow box is surely a great gift for someone who has spent many years in the armed forces. The items can be anything that holds a memory of the official’s professional life that he would always want to cherish. Here are some of the items that are commonly put inside a military shadow box.

  1. Insignia: The Insignia is usually placed on top in the shadow box.
  2. Medals: The shadow box contains medals in a vertical row. These are generally places from the highest honor and moving downwards.
  3. Ribbons and Rank Coins/Pins: The shadow box can be use to display all types of ribbons, rank pins, and rank coins that are accomplished by the soldier.
  4. Badge: The shadow box can be used to display all types of badges including the final badge that was received by the soldier, parachute badge, medical field badge, rifle badge, bayonet badge, and combat inf. badge.
  5. Flags: The shadow box can contain the national flag of the country or a military flag. If a burial flag is being included, as per customs, it needs to be folded in a triangle and displayed.
  6. Considerations: Considerations like certificates, diplomas, letter of commendation, newspaper cuttings, overseas postcards, etc. can be used to display in the shadow box. All these surely reveal important achievements in the soldier’s professional life.
  7. Photographs: Photographs like always are fun and interesting. The shadow box could include single photographs or group photographs. Some popular themes include first day at service, at work, retirement, promotion, best friends at service, award presentation, etc.
  8. Uniforms: The official uniform can be displayed along with ribbons, medals, rank pins, badges, and such. to preserve it for years to come.