8 Most Important Tools to Have in an Automotive Repair Garage

a silver car

If you’re putting together an automotive repair garage, then you’re going to need a number of tools just to function at a minimum level. Even if your automotive repair garage is just for your own vehicles, there are many things you will need to make mechanical and repair tasks easier.


For a professional automobile repair garage you’re going to need a proper hydraulic lift that can let you access the underside of a car. However, these are expensive, and it’s unlikely you’ll have either the room or the money to spend to have this in a home automotive repair garage.

Instead, you should settle for a good jack and a pair of jack stands. Along with a mechanic’s creeper it will let you get under the car to work on everything there without being uncomfortable.


You will need a full set of sockets and wrenches for your automotive repair garage. If this is a professional outing, then these should work off compressed air, which will save you a lot of time and effort. For home, however, you won’t have that luxury.

Depending on what types of vehicles you’ll be working on, you might also need wrenches that are metric in order to have a proper fit on the bolts.

Torque Wrench

No automotive repair garage is going to be complete without a torque wrench of some kind. You’ll need this for replacing cylinder heads, as well as for numerous other tasks on vehicles in garages where having the right torque on a bolt is critical.

Repair Manuals

For home automotive repair garages, having the correct service manuals will speed up your jobs. With a professional establishment that won’t be possible, since you’ll be dealing with so many different types of vehicles, but at home they’re a vital piece of equipment.


You should already have a collection of screwdrivers with different heads, but you’ll need a complete collection for an automotive repair garage. You will need a screwdriver for each eventuality, which can cover a great deal. However, there will be some you might buy and never normally use, so it’s best to hold off on those until the necessity arises.

Engine Hoist

If you are planning on doing a lot of work in your automotive repair garage, then you’ll also need an engine hoist. You’ll inevitably need to remove and install engines on vehicles, and you’ll need this tool in order to do the job properly.

Tool Chest

One thing that will be vital in order not to lose the tools that have cost you so much will be a rolling tool chest for your automotive repair garage. Apart from the fact that it locks, in order to keep everything secure, the different drawers allow you to organize your tools properly so you can reach them quickly.

Cleanup Materials

It’s all very well working on cars and getting dirty in an automotive repair garage, but in the house you want to be clean. You’ll need a stock of disposable gloves, hand cleaner, coveralls and more in order to make sure you don’t end up making your home dirty, too.