8 Plants Look Good Year-Round

A close-up of an evergreen bush.

If you plant your garden carefully every spring but find you only get to enjoy it until the fall, then this article is for you. This year, fill your garden and landscaping areas with plants that look beautiful in all four seasons. Because if you’re investing all that time and effort, shouldn’t it be into something that you can enjoy looking at all year long? Try these eight plants that always look good, even in all weather conditions, and get more out of your garden.


Carsten's Wintergold Mugo Pine is an evergreen, but that doesn't mean it always stays green. In cold weather, the foliage turns to a gorgeous gold shade that remains through winter. The colder it is, the more beautiful the color becomes. This shrub is also resistant to deer, so you won't have to worry about animals eating up your pretty plant.

When you want your garden to grow beautiful through the year, fill it with evergreens. Castle spire holly is a hardy plant that maintains its rich green leaves throughout the year and produces bright red berries even in winter. The bold red berries and dark green foliage stay pretty even in the snow. It grows six to 10 feet tall, so use it in an area that can handle the height.

A holly bush with red berries.


Who says you can't enjoy beautiful flowers in winter? Variegated winter daphne produces beautiful pink blooms in late winter and early spring to add early color to your garden and pretty flowers when other gardens have yet to flower. The oblong leaves have bright yellow edges all though the year, so even when this plant isn't in bloom it adds pretty color to your landscaping. Plant variegated winter daphne in partial shade, and you'll get to enjoy it in every season.

Bluestar blooms with pale blue flowers in May and June, but the spiky leaves are deep green throughout the year. These plants grow up to three feet tall, and the leaves turn a beautiful golden-yellow during fall to add bright color to your winter garden all season long.

Flowering barrenwort is best known for its foliage—not its blossoms. Barrenwort’s distinct, colorful heart-shaped leaves turn pinkish and bronze in the fall to add unusual color to garden landscape. The flowers bloom in soft shades of yellow, pink, red, and purple in the spring.

Barrenwort leaves.

Sibirica stems turn bright red in winter to add a burst of color to the garden that looks vibrant all season long. Before the leaves fall in autumn, they appear in variegated shades of green that stand out against other plants. In summer, the small flowers and little berries bloom in dazzling, eye-catching white. This plant is pretty to look at in all seasons, and goes through changes every year to add varying beauty to the garden.


Plant Christmas box shrubs where they will get plenty of sun, and you'll get plenty of enjoyment from them. This evergreen shrub has deep, dark greens all year long. The flowers appear in bright, stunning white during winter, even in cold temperatures. Christmas box looks especially beautiful in December, when most other plants are at their worst, a trait that gives this shrub its memorable name.

Wintersweet also blooms in the middle of winter after the leaves drop in the fall. The pretty, butter yellow flowers add vivid color to gardens that stands out against gray winter landscapes. Wintersweet is easy to care for. Give it partial sunlight and well-draining soil, and these shrubs will continue to look beautiful season after season.

A yellow flowering shrub.

Plants That Are Always Pretty

Fill your garden with plants that are always pretty all year long, even in the depths of winter. Your garden can still have life and color during the coldest days, and why shouldn’t it? Enjoy your garden year-round with plants that always look good, even in cold weather and on those gray, snowy days. When other gardens are filled with bare stems, yours will be full of vibrant hues and beautiful foliage.