8 Safety Tips for Using a Pop Rivet Gun

A pop rivet gun is a tool used to fasten rivets on to pieces of material, mostly metal. A pop rivet gun is a very useful object to have around your home. It makes easy work of tasks such as joining together 2 pieces or sheets of metal. When you use this type of tool, you must follow some important safety precautions.

1 – Read the Instruction Manual Before Use

To safely operate the pop rivet gun, you must be familiar with its working. Read the instruction manual thoroughly before you use the tool. This will also save you time and enable you to work better.

2 – Wear Required Protection

When you work with a pop rivet gun, you must protect your body from possible injuries. Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from flying particles or debris. It is also recommended to wear gloves and a safety jacket. To avoid accidents, people in the vicinity must also wear required protection.

3 – Never Use in the Presence of Combustible or Explosive Materials

It is very risky to use a pop rivet gun in the presence of flammable materials or liquids. Always operate the tool a safe distance away from kerosene, petrol or gasoline. Also keep it away from appliances such as heaters or fireplaces. Also be careful around explosive materials. If you are working in a warehouse or a similar environment, ensure that the surrounding area is free of all such materials.

4 – Wear Appropriate Clothing

When you are operating a pop rivet gun, you must minimize the chances of any clothing or accessories getting stuck in between the moving parts. Avoid wearing loose, flowing clothing, and carefully restrain ong hair. Do not wear flowing jewelry, either. If any such articles get trapped in the tool, it can cause serious accidents and injuries.

5 – Perform Regular Maintenance

Keep a regular maintenance schedule for your pop rivet gun. Have the tool inspected and services by a qualified person at regular intervals. This will ensure proper operation. With regular maintenance, you can also maintain your tool in prime condition and avoid costly repairs.

6 – Never Attempt to Perform Repairs Yourself

If you have problems with your tool, avoid trying to make repairs yourself. This will also void any warranty you may have with your pop rivet gun. Improper repairs can lead to malfunctioning of the tool.

7 – Keep Gun Pointed Away from Yourself and Other People

Always be careful about the placement of the pop rivet gun. Keep your fingers and body away from the line of fire. Also ensure that people in the vicinity are not in the way. Keep young children and pets away from the work area.

8 – Store in a Safe Place

After you finish working with the pop rivet gun, keep it in a safe storage area. Ensure that young children or inexperienced users do not have access to the tool. Protect the gun from moisture and heat.