8 Safety Tips When Using an Infrared Laser Thermometer

Shooting the laser from an infrared thermomeer.
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What You'll Need
Infrared laser thermometer
What You'll Need
Infrared laser thermometer

An infrared laser thermometer is a device that can measure the temperature of an object in the vicinity by pointing a laser beam at it. Infrared laser thermometers are highly accurate, useful devices that have found applications in many different fields. Because a laser beam is involved, it is important to be very cautious during its use. Follow the below tips to safely use an infrared laser thermometer safely and accurately.

1. Keep the Cover On At All Times

To prevent pointing the laser beam at unwanted surfaces, keep the cover on whenever you are not using the thermometer. Be very cautious when you open the cover before measurement.

As soon as you complete the measurement, put the cover back on and store the thermometer in a cool, dry place. Protect the thermometer from moisture, dust, and excessive heat so that it can function properly.

2. Release the Trigger or Button After Measurement

All infrared laser thermometers have a button or a trigger that you must pull to start operation. Remember to release the button or trigger after you finish taking a measurement. Not doing so will reduce the lifespan of the battery and the laser beam may also hit people or other objects that do not need a measurement.

3. Keep Laser Beam Away from the Eyes

display on an infrared thermometer

Laser beams are dangerous when misused in any way. Pointing it at the eye can cause severe injury or even blindness. Be very cautious when you use an infrared laser thermometer to ensure that the beam does not hit your eyes or those of anyone close by.

4. Be Careful Around Reflective Surfaces

If the laser beam hits a reflective surface such as a mirror, it may reflect back and hit you or someone else in the vicinity. This is why proper planning and positioning is crucial when using the apparatus, especially if they're not for medical use, near a reflective surface. Keep young children away from such a setup.

5. Use the Thermometer in an Area Free of Explosive Gases

If a laser beam hits an explosive gas or a combustible surface, it can cause an explosion. Never use the device near combustible liquids or gases to avoid a fire or explosion.

6. Check Whether the Thermometer is Usable for Medical Purposes

Some infrared laser thermometers are meant exclusively for use on non-living objects and surfaces. Never use such thermometers for measuring body temperature. Before you use an infrared laser thermometer, read the usage instructions properly and confirm that it is appropriate for medical usage.

7. Be Cautious Around Children

When you use an infrared laser thermometer around children, you must be extremely cautious. Sometimes you may need to use one of these devices near children, for example, to measure their body temperature. Keep the children still and ensure they do not get the laser in their eyes.

8. Wear Safety Goggles

To be safe, wear thick safety goggles when you are using an infrared laser thermometer. If possible, have everyone in the immediate vicinity wear them too.