8 Things Making Your Home Look Dated (And How to Update Them)

wood block spelling the word "HOME" on a table with book and sweater

Changing a few little things can refresh your entire home design without a big investment of time or money. Swap these dated items for more updated stuff and you will make your space more modern.

1. Word Art

The cute, homey trend has totally faded from popularity. Sweet words like "home" and "family" in wooden or paper letters sitting on a surface or hanging on a wall now look old-fashioned. Replace word art with photos or some other type of visual art.

2. Wallpaper

Though there are some who will fiercely fight for the merits of wallpaper, it's just dated. Everything you want to do can be achieved with paint, which is probably more affordable anyway.

Get rid of wallpaper borders, accents, and walls and freshen everything up with paint instead. If you’re determined to have wallpaper, go with a bold or natural pattern, or use it on the inside of bookshelves to create an interesting effect and leave it off your walls.

3. Window Treatments

old fashioned bedroom with large, floral window treatments

Heavy window treatments were once very en vogue but now, it's all about simplicity. Choose lightweight curtains hung from a rod to create an elegant, unfussy look. Get rid of valences, as they now look super dated and out of style.

4. Big Cabinet Hardware

Large, eye-catching cabinet hardware was once a hot home design look. But now? All that oversized hardware just looks big and oversized. It's very affordable and simple to switch out that hardware for something more streamlined.

5. Vertical Blinds

Whatever you do, change out your vertical blinds. They look outdated and they create an office or waiting room sort of vibe that really isn't great. Cover curtains and glass doors with long, simple curtains instead and this will create a much more modern look.

6. Millennial Pink

Once the "it" color, millennial pink has now gone the way of avocado green appliances. This is simply outdated. Re-paint over this fleeting trend with a more timeless color shade.

7. Chevron Patterns

entertainment room with black and white zig zag rug

The zigzagging chevron pattern was once an extremely hot trend in home design. It appeared in fabrics of all types, everything from throw pillows to draperies. But now, this pattern just looks super dated. Replace it wherever you can.

If you have an entire chair or couch in chevron, try getting a slipcover. If worse come to worse, cover it as much as you can with a big throw.

8. Nautical Themes

Shells, seascapes, anchors, blue and white stripes, sea creatures...for a while there, nautical themes were all the rage in home design. Now, these little elements look super old-fashioned and dated.

Swap out all the lighthouses and seashells for more personalized accessories and accent pieces, such as personal mementos or framed photos.

Small Changes, Big Difference

Lots of little trends come and go in home design and these touches can add up to make your home look dated and out of style. Luckily, a lot of small changes can make a huge difference in how your home looks overall. Swap out the simple things and you’ll see how it has a huge effect on the look of your home.