8 Things to Consider Before Buying Custom Roman Shades

Whether your motivation is replacing your existing window treatments or decorating a new home, the decision to install custom roman shades is a growing design trend for those desiring to blend the luxury and classic appeal of fabric drapes with the practicality of shades. Proper planning and consideration of these factors can help you choose the right window accents to achieve your design goals.

1. Your Budget

Custom roman shades can vary in price from $80 to more than $600, depending on the fabric, style and size. Plan your budget accordingly by tallying the number and sizes of windows you wish to treat. Most retailers allow you to price before you buy.

2. Location, Location, Location

The old real estate adage holds true for dressing windows. Roman shades comprised of heftier materials, such as wool or bamboo, provide more privacy for bedrooms and bathrooms. By contrast, sheer fabrics and lighter color shades are optimal for living and dining rooms that can benefit from natural light.

3. Window Frame Size

Aside from the length and width of the window, the depth of the window frame is another crucial measurement that can make the difference in the mounting and style options available. Indoor frames smaller than 1½ inches, for example, may not provide enough room for indoor-mounted roman shades.

4. Existing Room Décor

The mind-numbing pattern and fabric options available for roman shades can make selecting the perfect one a daunting task. Simplify your search by taking inventory of the furniture and accent pieces in the corresponding rooms. Choose materials and colors that compliment these pieces and experiment with samples before making a full commitment to your new look.

5. Purpose

Are your needs a matter of function, interior design, or both? Thicker roman shades that are tightly fitted can reduce heat exchange by up to 45 percent according to the Solar Energy Research and Education Foundation, helping to conserve energy costs. Increasing the area of coverage also contributes to energy conservation. If this is a priority, make sure that you like the look of the shades while fully down. Chic alternatives, such as solar roman shades, offer style as well as protection from ultra violet rays and glare reduction.

6. Room Relation to the Sun

The sun’s direction should play an important determining factor in choosing which roman shade to install. Rooms that face east or west are affected by the sun more than those facing north or south, and therefore require more protection via heavier materials and lighter colors.

7. Your Style Preference

Never underestimate the role your personality plays in influencing your design preference. If you tend to be more simplistic by nature, solids and neutral colors will compliment your personality. Risk takers may find themselves happier with edgy materials and heavy patterns.

8. The Retailer’s Return Policy

Even with samples and a ton of research, there is a chance that you will not like the custom roman blinds you have chosen. Prevent a disaster by familiarizing yourself with the retailer’s return policy.