8 Tips for Cleaning Your Electric Furnace

A clean, well-maintained electric furnace will last much longer and heat up your home more efficiently. You must have your electric furnace tested regularly for any issues. You must also clean it and perform the required maintenance. Because the furnace takes in air from every area in your home, it accumulates dirt and dust very quickly. During the heating season, you must clean your electric furnace once a month. The below tips will help you do so safely and effectively.

1 – Turn Off the Power

Never clean an electric furnace that is still plugged to the power supply. Doing so can cause serious shocks and injury. Also wear essential safety equipment such as protective eye-wear or goggles, rubber gloves and thick rubber shoes. These items will greatly reduce the chances of any untoward accident.

2 – Assemble All the Required Materials

Before starting on the cleaning task, gather all the required cleaning equipment. Keep your vacuum blower close by and ensure that you have the hose attachment ready. Also keep handy a small, soft brush, towels for wiping, a new filter if replacement is needed and a screwdriver.

3 – Read the Instruction Manual

If it is the first time you are cleaning your electric furnace, read the instruction manual. Follow all the instructions and warnings posted therein. Never use any products or cleaning tools forbidden in the manual.

4 – Clean the Filter

The filter is the most important part as far as cleaning an electric furnace is considered. Depending on the model of your furnace, the filter may be disposable or reusable. Electronic filters usually display a light when it is time to clean the filter. Follow manufacturer instructions strictly when you clean the filter. Never reuse a disposable filter, as it could damage the furnace.

5 – Clean the Air Blower

To clean the air blower, you must first gain access to it by removing the cover panel and the fan assembly. Some furnaces have slide out units, whereas others might need a screwdriver to unfasten and remove the parts. With a small brush or toothbrush, scrub away all the dirt in the air blower. Clean each blade thoroughly. Use the vacuum hose attachment to remove the scrubbed dirt. Follow up with a soft, clean cloth.

6 – Clean the Motor Housing

Wipe the motor housing carefully. Avoid using water or soap, because any water that gets in can severely damage the electric furnace. Cleaning the motor and the housing will ensure efficient operation of the electric furnace and prevent overheating.

7 – Clean and Check the Belts

The electric furnace has pulleys and belts that work efficiently with the motor. Regularly check these belts and replace them if they are torn or worn out. Also clean the belts thoroughly to avoid clogging. Wipe off the dirt with a clean, soft cloth after you scrub the belts with a brush.

8 – Turn On the Furnace

Once the furnace is completely dry, restore the power. Never turn on the electric furnace if any parts are still wet. Avoid using water while cleaning. If it is safe to clean your electric furnace with water, wipe it off and dry it thoroughly.