8 Tips for Maintaining Your Steam Mop

Woman steam mopping a living room floor
  • 1-100 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-150

A steam mop is an appliance that uses steam to clean and disinfect floors. These appliances are generally used on hard surfaces such as marble, concrete, tiled floors and hardwood. Steam mops are favored by many people because they do not require the use of chemicals.

Also, the high temperature at which the floor is cleaned is effective for killing bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. A steam mop is easy to use and maintain. Below are some maintenance tips that will come in handy when you plan to clean your steam mop.

1 - Use Distilled Water if Needed

When you use a steam mop regularly for extended periods of time, a gradual buildup of lime scale and other mineral deposits will occur. These particles could clog the filter, nozzle and also the heating element in the steam mop. To maximize the performance of your steam mop, it is advisable to use distilled water in the tank, especially if you have hard water supplied to your area.

2 - Never Add Chemicals or Soap in the Steam Mop

A steam mop is built to function only on pure water. The addition of water descaling products, purifiers, or detergents in the steam mop can cause damage to the unit.

3 - Ensure that the Tank Contains Water when the Mop is in Use

steam mopping a wood floor

Whenever you use the steam mop, ensure the tank contains some water. When the unit stops emitting steam, it is most probably because the tank is empty. In such a case, you must turn off the steam mop and refill the tank before reuse.

4 - Replace the Filter at the Required Interval

Over time, the steam mop filter will accumulate dirt and hard water deposits. Most manufacturers give an indication as to when filter replacement is necessary. Using an old, clogged filter will result in inferior performance and may also damage the unit.

5 - Wash the Mop Pad after Every Use

Only use mop pads made by the manufacturers of the steam mop. After every use, you must wash the steam mop microfiber pad. Follow provided instructions for cleaning and drying the mop pad.

6 - Unplug the Steam Mop before Cleaning or Maintenance

steam mopping a wood floor

Before you perform any cleaning or maintenance tasks on the steam mop, you must turn off the unit and unplug it. Wait till the mop pad and the unit have cooled down before you handle either one.

7 - Empty the Tank and Wipe the Unit after Every Use

After you use the steam mop, you must store it in a dry, protected place. Before storage, remove the mop pad and empty the water tank. With a soft cloth, wipe the body of the unit and remove any dirt.

8 - Clean the Steam Nozzle Often

Over time, the steam nozzle may become clogged with mineral deposits from the water. If you notice the steam is emitting very slowly, you must remove the mop head and clean the inside of the nozzle with a pin or something similar. Remove all the deposit and then operate the unit to ensure that the steam is emitting freely.