8 Tips to Making Your Outdoor Water Fountain Last

An outdoor water fountain is a great asset. It adds to the beauty of your backyard or garden and also adds a soothing element to the overall ambiance. An outdoor water fountain does require some more care and maintenance as compared to indoor water fountains. The below tips will help you take proper care of your outdoor water fountain so that it will last in good shape for many years.

1 – Choose an Appropriate Installation Spot

The first step you must take to ensure longevity for your outdoor water fountain is to choose a suitable spot for its placement. Keep it away from high traffic areas to avoid damage to the fountain and also to prevent accidents when children run around. Place it in a location where it will be displayed prominently, while at the same time will be protected from high winds.

2 – Ensure that the Water Fountain is Securely Placed

If not secured in place, your outdoor water fountain may topple over and get damaged by strong winds. Make sure the base of the fountain is affixed firmly to the ground and that the basin in turn is secured to the base. This will help hold the fountain in lace during adverse weather conditions.

3 – Clean the Fountain with Compatible Cleaners

Outdoor water fountains are made of different materials such as concrete, stainless steel and copper, to name a few. When you clean your outdoor water fountain, bear in mind that the cleaner must be compatible with the material in question. Avoid abrasive cleaners as far as possible.

4 – Pick out Leaves and Other Debris Regularly

Dead leaves, twigs, algae and bird droppings are some of the many contaminants you find in outdoor water fountains. You must pick out these contaminants regularly, to prevent formation of blocks and impediments in water flow.

5 – Clean the Water Every Other Day

Many birds use outdoor water fountains as bathing and drinking stations. Also, dirty, murky water in the outdoor fountain will reduce its efficiency and longevity. Therefore, you must make it a practice to replace the water and clean the fountain every other day, if not daily. When you keep this practice regular, you have to spend minimal time cleaning.

6 – Clean the Pump Regularly

The pump is the most vital piece of an outdoor water fountain. It also gets dirty the fastest. To prolong the life of your outdoor water fountain, you must clean the pump regularly. Use a soft toothbrush to get to the smaller corners and clean the pump thoroughly

7 – Protect the Fountain during Winter

Winterizing your outdoor water fountain is an important part of its care. It is preferable to dismantle the fountain and bring it indoors during the winter. If this is not practical, you must empty the fountain of all water and then cover it securely with a tarp.

8 – Apply Sealant and Repair Cracks as Required

Inspect the surface of the outdoor water fountain regularly and look for signs of cracks or damage. Repair them immediately and prevent further damage by regular sealing.