8 Types of Industrial Adhesives

There are many different types of industrial adhesives on the market today, used in different construction and tasks by numerous industries. All these types have a few things in common; the most important is that they are designed and developed to reduce the amount of money and time required when using them.

Companies spend significant amounts of money in developing efficient and effective industrial adhesives; therefore, it seems that there is a win-win situation for both users and manufacturers. The different types of adhesives are classified based on their composition or properties.

There is also an additional classification based on the cure mechanism of the adhesive. Curing is the process of hardening the product using different methods, such as chemicals or ultraviolet light. The most common types of industrial adhesives are:

1. Resins

Resins are a type of polymer of synthetic origin. Resins can be thermosetting and thermostatic types of adhesive, which means that they can be either remolded at high temperatures or they cannot be remolded once the curing process is over.

2. Hot Melt

Hot melt adhesives allow the user to harden and soften them whenever they want, using cold or heat. Hot melt adhesives feature an excellent bonding quality and once heated can bond really fast to materials. One of the greatest advantages of the hot melt adhesives is that if the user makes any mistake during the construction, the adhesive can be easily rectified and used again.

3. Contact Spray

Contact spray allows the user to bond different items both temporarily and permanently. Spray adhesive can be used on uneven and porous surfaces, and is waterproof and transparent. Contact sprays are flexible and do not stain. They are considered friendly to the environment because they do not contain any chlorinated ingredients.

4. Acrylic

The acrylic adhesives require some time to set and dry, opposite from other types of adhesives. Acrylic adhesives use a radical mechanism that consists of 2 individual components that mix together, creating the bonding feature. You can find acrylic adhesives in 2 different types, the solvent and emulsion ones, which are both used in construction.

5. Anaerobic Adhesive

Anaerobic industrial adhesives can set without using oxygen or air, and are great for using when you need to form tight seals without the use of heat, oxygen or even light. This type of adhesive can bond numerous types of materials together such as paper, masonry, plastic, wood, rubber, glass, fabric, ceramic and elastomers.

6. Conductive:

The conductive adhesive is used in construction and industries that need to avoid electrostatic discharges, or radio and electromagnetic interference from occurring when not wanted. Conductive adhesives can improve heat dissipation because they form thermo-conductive layers between products and components.

7. Epoxy Adhesives

The epoxy adhesives are used widely in certain industries, such as the automobile and aircraft industries; this type of adhesive can cure fast and bonds concrete surfaces, as well. Epoxy adhesives are also used in manufacturing plywood.

8. Pressure Adhesives

These types of industrial adhesives are popular and common, since it is quite efficient and requires pressure to bond different surfaces together.