8 Types of Roof Cleaning Products

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There are many roof cleaning products on the market. Dirt, debris, soot, staining, pollution, algae, moss and mold frequently cause a roof to become dirty. A clean roof is important for the overall maintenance and appeal of your home. Regular roof maintenance goes a long way to preserve your roof and make it last. It is also a good safeguard against staining and possible roof rot due to negligence. It is important that you use the right products to clean your roof. Using wrong products can create problems including roof damage. Below is a guide on some commonly used roof cleaning products.

Oxygen Based Products

They are widely used in roof cleaning. These work well to remove mold stains and other stains. Mold frequently develops on asphalt roof shingles. Oxygen based products also eliminate roof fungus and algae. It is best to get those that are free of potassium and lye. These will be kinder on both your roof and health.

Chlorine Bleach

Apply this on areas of your roof that have mildew and mold. Also, apply to stained areas. Let it soak for some 10 minutes. Then rinse off with a power washer or hose. Chlorine bleach also gets rid of fungus and algae.

Copper Sulphate

This can be used as an alternative to chlorine bleach to eliminate mildew, mold, fungus, and algae. However, if using this cleaner, it is a good idea to take a precautionary measure for plants around your house. Spray with water to protect the plants from any possible damage.


These are designed for metal roofs. They are ideal for galvanized roofing. Emulsifiers dissolve the dirt, grime, and grease. This allows for more effective cleaning of the roof surface. Ammonia is a fundamental ingredient in emulsifiers that enables grease removal on metal roofs.

Tri-Sodium Phosphate

It is an effective cleaning agent that eliminates mold and mildew. General stains on the roof will also be cleared with an application of Tri-Sodium Phosphate. You mix it with water, per the instructions. Apply to the mold or mildew areas on the roof surface. Use a scrubbing brush to clean off the dirt. Then rinse off with water to remove any residue. If the mold or roof stains are quite set into the roof, you will need to repeat the procedure.

Eco-Friendly Cleaners

There are many products designed with environmental safety as an important priority. These products do not use heavy metals, harsh acids, lye or phosphates, yet they enable you to clean your roof very well. The non-corrosive quality of these products also helps to maintain roof integrity. Eco-friendly cleaners are also beneficial as they are unlikely to trigger allergic reactions.


These are very useful when you need to eliminate rust and loose paint. Metal roofs require scrappers during the cleaning process.


Long-handled brushes are essential to sweep off accumulated dirt from the roof surface. Wire brushes are also very useful in getting rid of rust or any loose paint. They are a must-have especially for cleaning metal roofs.